Katharine McPhee: A Woman of (Changing) Style

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Not that we're complaining. The fact of the matter is that we could break down Katharine McPhee pictures all day long and not come across a bad one. But it's interesting how she has evolved, style-wise, over the past year.

The Early Months
An American Idol
The New Look?

Take a look at Katharine McPhee at the beginning of her American Idol run (left), near the end of the competition (center), and last night at the American Music Awards. Needless to say, she pulls all three looks off quite well.

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I think I may just be the biggest Katherine McPhee fan on the planet. Come on, I defy anyone to tell me she is not the most beautiful woman on earth. Who gives a rats ass if she can sing or not.....Just look at her.
I'd throw my wife out of an open window as soon as KM walked into my bedroom.
Yeah so what, I'm an older guy and just love her.


Kat is multi-talented therefore she has many looks. She looks great with absolutely anything and she wears clothes that are appropriate for the occassion. Go Kat!