Paging Dr. Mark Sloan... Both of Them!

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Is Eric Dane's character on Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Mark Sloan, a tribute to another famous TV doctor from not so long ago?

No, it's not, according to ABC. Just a funny coincidence. But Dr. Mark Sloan was also the name of Dick Van Dyke's character on Diagnosis: Murder, the popular CBS series that ran from 1993-2001. Just for fun, here's a Mark Sloan/Mark Sloan comparison:

Eric Dane as Dr. Mark Sloan
Dick Van Dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan

Funny. No offense to Dick, a fine actor and all-around good guy (one who looks pretty good for 80, no less), but we'll take the younger, McSteamy Mark Sloan, thank you very much!

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Speak for yourself dude-- Dick Van Dyke wins, no contest. That other dude has nothing on him.


Hated,this man!smilling,,,,Good looking scammer


Other characters to be added to Grey’s include Rob Petrie, Dick Preston, and a new doctor, Jonathan Maxwell.


I would choose Dick Van Dyke over McSteamy ANY day. I have had a crush on him since I was little, watching Diagnosis Murder with my grandparents. I love him and decided one year ago that if he had been born 60 years later, we would be engaged and planning a wedding right after high school. I


I used to watch Diagnosis: Murder every night with my brothers as some kind of weird joke. I just started watching Grey's Anatomy with my roomie and thought it was the same name. I never bothered to check for sure, though, until I saw an episode of Bonanza in which there was a Dr. Mark Sloan. After that I figured it was too weird to be a coincidence...but I have no idea what the significance ever could have been.


"Funny coincidence" that they have the same name?? Does that mean that the writers and producers of Grey's Anatomy didn't know of the first Mark Sloan? Strange! Oh well, I don't watch any of the new doctors shows. I prefer to think of doctors in a less "shady" light. I feel their thought processes and decision making would be more reliable if they didn't have to worry about what they did the day or night before.


agreed on taking dick van dyke over "the imposter". now if it were barry van dyke as "mark sloan" (the newer), not only would it be funny, but perfect for the title "dr mcsteamy"!


Mcsteamy is so much more exciting. Unreliable, but fun - while it lasts.


Yes it is tough, because while Rob Petrie kept his shirt on he was THE husband you'd want to have...and as Mark Sloane, Dick Van Dyke gave us a smart, funny and compassionate doctor who put his patients first... Shoot....don't want to have to forego McSteamy but he's pretty much eye candy compared to prime grade great guy...=)


i KNEW i had heard that name before! I used to watched that show ALL THE TIME! i love dick van dyke! sorry but i'd pick him over mcsteamy any day.

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