Round Table: "Staring at the Sun"

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This week on the Round Table, George grows suspicious of Burke while his father's condition worsens, Alex and Izzie talk in the third person (and kiss), and Meredith gives bright and sunny a try ...

When, if ever, will Izzie give Alex another chance romantically?

Friends... and More?
McCritic: McCritic doesn't see Izzie ever giving Alex another chance. It's not Karev's fault. McCritic believes he's a genuine, caring individual underneath that rough exterior. But McCritic also thinks Alex was too close to Denny. It will take Izzie long enough to find romance with anyone, let alone a guy that knew Denny personally.

Just makes it too sensitive. McCritic is sorry, though, and hopes both Izzie and Alex find happiness.

iheartizzie: It will take a while, but the way he handled getting shot down last night was promising. As long as Alex "gets it" and realizes that what Izzie needs most in life is a good friend, the benefits will come eventually.

Married-to-McDreamy: I really do think (and hope!) that Izzie will give Alex another chance but I think it will take time. He needs to be careful with her. She is barely ready to be working again, let alone dating or kissing other boys.

Is George's dad going to make it?

Married-to-McDreamy: This is questionable. The man does not sound like he is in very good shape. If his carburetor is on the fritz, combined with the stage three cancer, his chances of survival seem about as slim as he is. Poor Mr. O'Malley.

McCritic: No. Wish I could give a hopeful diagnosis, but stage-three metastatic esophageal cancer is close to a death sentence. In 2004, 13,300 of the 14,250 new cases of the disease died from it. At stage four, doctors don't even operate. Sadly, Mr. O'Malley looks to have gone on his last hunting trip.

iheartizzie: It doesn't look good. Burktina drama aside, the cancer is spreading and his body might not be able to defeat it through multiple surgeries and agonizing chemo treatment. It's tragic, because he clearly loves George more than he's able to express. Mr. O'Malley is now part of two of my favorite scenes in the show's history: Last night, when his face lit up upon Cristina saying what a good person George is, and last year, in "Thanks For the Memories," when he shook his head with amazement (and pride) as George described saving the man's life in the elevator.

Will Dr. Burke admit he's having problems with his hand?

Married-to-McDreamy: It doesn't look like he's going to have a choice in the coming episodes. George has clearly found out about his secret and Miranda may be realizing that something is amiss as well. I predict lots of drama for Dr. Burke and his right-hand (literally) man, Cristina, very soon.

Burktina Operates
McCritic: He'll confide in George. Together with Cristina, this trio will figure out a way for Burke to receive help without admitting to the hospital such a dangerous cover-up. Preston may be out of the OR for awhile as a result, but the leave will give him more time to perfect his blueberry pancakes. And that's never a bad thing.

iheartizzie: Dr. Burke is a man of integrity. He's McPerfect, so much so that we've debated whether or not he is even human. As hard as it is for Preston to admit to himself that he's not making the grade, it will be even more difficult for him to lie to others amidst increasing speculation regarding his condition. He'll come clean. What happens after that is anyone's guess.

Do you prefer Meredith bright and shiny or dark and twisty?

McCritic: How about quiet and hidden?

iheartizzie: I like that she gave bright and sunny a try. But I also like that it didn't take. One of the best scenes from last night was second time she and Derek sat in the bathtub. Worn down by life, rather than eternally optimistic, he jokingly pledged that he would remain "dull and lifeless" with her. It was a very real moment. While being constantly down in the dumps doesn't get you anywhere, bright and sunny is easier said than done.

Married-to-McDreamy: I most definitely prefer dark-and-twisty Meredith. The bright-and-shiny Meredith made me uncomfortable and I felt as though she had been possessed by aliens or Scientologists.

Bright and Shiny Meredith?

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Sure. It shows Cristina's face appearing on the screen looking find of shocked. There is her voice on a voice-over saying that as surgeons they know everyone's secrets, their medical history, their sexual history...and then it cuts to a very hot kissing scene between Burke and Cristina...then back to Cristina, this time her full body is iin the screen and you see that her scrubs are covered in blood and her hands are covered in blood and she is beginning to kind of run slowly towards the camera. It keeps cutting back and forth between Burke and Cristina kissing passionately and Cristina in her blood covered scrubs and finally it is a clos up on her face as she is making love to Burke (well that is what I imagine is happening) and she says in a voice over, "some secrets can't be kept." Then it goes in fast reverse back through the whole scene again and fades out. Very hot. Very intense. Very nerve racking for me because I love Burke and Cristina and don't want to see anything happen to either of them.


can anyone give me details on what happened in the promo on Oprah? I missed it because I had to work and I have been reading the comments and really wished i would have seen it. I appreciate it if you do.


Maybe it will be that dreadful Dr. Hahn from the transplant episode that was second after Burke at Johns Hopkins. She was the one that actually performed Denny's heart transplant surgery after Burke was shot. I saw her on the preview so know she is at Seattle Grace. Maybe Burke will have to swallow his pride and ask for help from this woman that he was so competitive with in medical school.


I agree BB, I think they want us to think its George's dad in the previews (the blood squirting) but I bet it isn't--I think Burke and Cristina are going to come out about his hand and have someone else do the surgery on Mr O'Malley. It would be too dark of a storyline having George's dad die due to their fault--I would never want them to go there.


I hope so ( that it is a dream sequence or from another patient).


Hi Purplemerder, I agree with you. I hope the blood is from another patient, too, and that they don't really do the surgery on George's dad. I still think the promo we saw was a dream sequence of some sort because of the way it all flashed backwards. I don't think they would cause this kind of riff between the interns by having Burke and Cristina responsible for George's dad's death.


Oh and I forgot..I know that George's dad is going to die but I really hope it is not Christina and Burke that do it...I hope that blood is from another patient. I don't think if I was george I could ever forgive or get past it if it was burke and chrisinta


iheartgeorgeom: i agree with you on Alex and Izzie, i want them to be close friends you know like her and George are. I want him to be with Addison but not in a fling but a real relationship..they both desirve that (alex and addison) Alex and Izzie were never really friends just sex buddies. i want to explore Alex in a real friendship relationship.


When it comes to my mom, both stage three cancer and cancer that has spread is "a dead man." and together, how is he still alive? Plus the heart condition! Mr. O'malley won't exactly hunt a turkey ever again.


I actually perfer bright and shinny meredith. because dark and twisty makes you selfish and in need for attention. Meredith has had much to much attention. She needs to look at other peoples problems to see that her life isn't as bad as others.

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