American Idol Album Sales Update

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Here's the latest on how various American Idol albums are doing on the charts:

  • Top Idol on the top 200 album chart: Carrie Underwood. No. 6 last week, she shot to No. 4, selling 292,000 copies (up about 47% over the previous week.) Her total is 4.59 million.
  • Chris Daughtry. His sales were up nearly 40%, 250,000 compared to 181,000, and he crossed the one million line in actual sales. He also went down on the chart, from No. 7 to No. 8, but that won't dampen the celebration.
  • Taylor Hicks. He fell from 2 to 15 on the chart; sales dropped from 298,000 to 202,000. Such a drop would normally be in the acceptable range, but not in a week when overall sales were up 34%.
  • Kellie Pickler. Held her own pretty well, taking only a slight chart drop (56 to 61) and selling 63,000, up from 45,000 the previous week. Total is 336,000.
  • Fantasia Barrino. Serious fan base evaporation. The album fell from No. 19 to No. 63, selling 62,000, down about 53% from the first week. Total is 195,000.
  • Clay Aiken. Dropped from 124 to 143 on the chart, but sold around 20% more (23,000 compared to 19,000) and his total is 483,000. His Merry Christmas With Love album nearly equaled A Thousand Different Ways this week, selling 21,000 (22,000 the previous week; total 1.3 million).

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For Chris Daughtry fans, I thought I would let everyone here know that my new client at my marketing job, Versus (formerly known as OLN), is having him perform at their Invitational for the opening of the bull riding season on January 6th. The event is going to be held at Madison Square Garden and Chris is slated to perform at about 730pm! They are going to air the event on the network, and he is going to be on at that time, so you should check it out!