An American Idol Worship Exclusive: Friend of Diana DeGarmo's Stalker Speaks Out

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We've been following the story of a woman who was arrested and charged with stalking former American Idol finalist, Diana DeGarmo.

In an exclusive, we've received a letter from a friend of the criminal, Tanya Maree Quattrocchi. Here it is:

To Diana DeGarmo,

My name is Tanya Mamo and i writing to you in relation to the current charges you have on an old high school friend of mine Tanya Quattrocchi.

I understand that Tanya has been threatening you and causing you distress and i am sorry for that, but please don't go ahead with these charges.

American Idol Worship Exclusive

As a close friend of Tanya for many years I know what she is like in terms of invading others privacy, but i assure you that she is harmless and only does it for attention. You see I'm pretty much Tanya's only friend, not a close one but never the less the only one that keeps in contact with her.

I know that this does not excuse what she has put you through but surly you can understand that your not the first person that she has ever done this too, and excuses me for being rude but just because your now classified as a celebrity now doesn't give you the right to make a big deal over having your email hacked into or getting nasty phone calls.

So please find it in your heart to go easy on her, she's not perfect but are any of us? She's made a mistake, a stupid one but still it was a mistake, but she has learnt her lesson believe me. I wish that it didn't have to come to this for her to learn her lesson, but perhaps it was the only way to get through to her.

Rest assure that she hasn't asked me to write this letter, i actually saw an article about in the local paper as i didn't realise that it was this serious.

This letter, bear in mind, does not reflect the opinion of American Idol Worship in any way. We believe those who break the law should receive a punishment for their actions.

But we respect the rights of others to make their voices heard and encourage readers to weigh in on this and other issues. Thank you.

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Tanya, Unidentified, K and Tanny-em the only one who needs apologize is Tanya Q. She's the one who made Diana's life a living hell! This has beening going on for 3 fucking years. Now that Tanya Q is in jail Diana can finally get some peace. So take your sympathy for Tanya Q and shove it up your asses.


If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime. Tanya friends cannot make excuses for her. Karma has caught up with her. She deserve it 120%.


Just curious with the sentencing coming up if there will be any coverage and possible pics. If anyone finds something about the story and/or pic post the link


Tanny-em Anytime, since I know little about the story and only came across it by accident not much I can do to defend the other tanya. But I also feel we need to believe ppl like you. From my side just a good of chance the others are lying but we are not accussing them of lying. They should not accuse you of lying either, or K. And hopefully help from another person will help the other tanya. If she goes to jail hopefully she gets counciling there too. I just dont see jail doing much in a case like this. I am still checking to see if the others have the courage to do what is correct and apologize. You and K need to be given respect and treated fair as well. I hope all goes well and things work out for the tanya that needs help. Unidentified


Thank the lord in heaven someone with some sence and who understands. "Unidentified" whoever you are thank-you for understanding that we just want to help our friend to get the help that she needs not pointless jail time. and to K: thank you for writting in and backing me up. TM


Seeing 2 ppl have to an extent defended Tanya Q. I think u owe them an apology. I know little about the case as I came across this story just surfing the net. But nobody should be saying either of them are liars or they are making up stories or their names. I do not see either of them saying she did nothing wrong, but they obviously know the person, who would lie about that? What Miss Q. did was wrong according to everyone but the other 2 seem to know her and can explain a bit. Sounds like Miss Q. needs some help and keep in mind that medical help can do more then time in a cell. Put her in jail for 1-5 yrs what ever it is and let her out and see if the same thing doesnt happens. Now I think all who made the comments about the friends owe the 2 of them an apology so jenifer, c, susan, m and e make your apologies


Hi, I'm calling myself K for obvious reasons. I went to school with both Tanyas and they are two different people. Tanya Quattrocchi and I were great friends and I've known her since I was little. She was a very shy and reserved person up until she realised causing trouble gave her much attention. I stuck by her for years believing it was a faze that would pass but it didn't. Though we stopped talking after that I thought she was harmless and annoying more than anything else and that it would never become a serious problem. I believe everything she has done has been for attention which probably stems from her low self-esteem but it definately does not make it right. She needs to understand that what she has done to Ms DeGarmo and others is not acceptible and must be dealt with accordingly. Then I strongly suggest that she find some some help!


Oh boo hoo.You posted here, you are going to get a response. Deal with it.By the way, "Heartless" describes YOUR behavior towards Diana, a real life human being. You seem to be forgetting that very important fact. You pled guilty so obviously you knew the jury and judge in your own hometown would throw the book at you if you took your ridiculous case to trial. By the way, those voices in your head aren't real people...


If you had a friend in this type of situation you would do the same thing no matter what he/she did wrong. And YES i do exist and theres nothing wrong with trying to help a friend that you care about! Anyway i don't believe that i asked for anyone elses opinion!!! TANYA MAMO (Last comment that I will make to heartless to the real world American Idol fans)


In other news the weather was 50 degrees with light winds in SE Michigan today.