Grey's Anatomy Quote Among Nominees For TV's Funniest Line of the Week

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Brooke Smith as Erica Hahn
Our collection of Grey's Anatomy quotes is so extensive, it would be hard for us to pick our favorite - even if we were limited to just one episode.

Entertainment Weekly doesn't have that problem. In fact, they are holding a poll of funniest lines uttered on TV between the dates of November 20-27, and a memorable one-liner from a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy is in the running.

Fans certainly recall when, on Thanksgiving's "From a Whisper to a Scream," Dr. Burke was first greeted by visiting Seattle Presbyterian surgeon - and medical school rival - Dr. Erica Hahn:

"So how have you been, Preston? Last time I saw you, you stole my patient's heart. Then you got shot. Karma rocks."

Dr. Hahn (played by Brooke Smith) definitely got Burke good with that one. Though his reply about enjoying her visits, but not as much as when she leaves was pretty good, too. Really, Grey's Anatomy could occupy all the spots on this list - not to take away from the other shows, of course.

Others lines in the competition came from Medium, Studio 60, The Soup, Ugly Betty, The Simpsons and House. You can VOTE HERE.

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Yeah, that scene puts a smile on my face everytime. Their both sooo incredibly sexy, and Burke does love a's that competitiveness in both of them. He admires that she is so focused, too. You could tell he was so proud of Cristina when she performed the running whipstitch on George's dad. I love how they were communicating with their eyes.


I love that oncall room one, too, MJ, but I love that Cristina didn't jump up and lock the door. She just kind of tilted her head as if to say, "Here I am. If you want me, you lock the door." I loved it. I think the fact that she has been challenging all along has been what he was hooked on to begin with. That and her drive to be the best surgeon. I think he admires that in her.


Hey Burke Backer, I've been watching Season 1, too, where this sexy couple all started, which I initially thought was Epi 4, but after looking at Epi 3, I'm thinking differently. Remember when Cristina and Mer interrupted Burke in the restroom, and he said "you really enjoy crossing the line", that's where I think the sparkes actually started. Burke first looks at Mer, but when he looks at Cristina, he has this sexy look in his eyes, and after he said it, she give him a certain look, too. I think that's when the writers noticed the chemistry. Another one of my many fav in Season 1, Epi 6 is when their in the on-call room and Cristina ask him "you need a definition, you really wanna be that guy, and he gives her this sexy look, then says, "lock the door". I love that line. I've also been watching Season 3 over and over. I love this season because there are so many Burke and Cristina moments, and IW and SO performances have been phenomenal this season.


Hi, MJ. It is good to read a post from you. There are so many funny lines on this show andusually they are Cristina or George's, I think. This one was a good one though for our Preston. It seems strange not having an upcoming episode to speculate about this week. I'm trying to remember what happened in the episode that is going to e rerun this Thursday. I'm hoping it is a good one. I have most of season 3 taped, but haven't watched the tapes too many times. I just keep going back to my favorite episodes. I love season 1 episode 5 because it was the "Thanks for the coffee" scene, probably my favorite in the entire show. I also love season 2 episode 4 after Cristina's surgery. That's the hospital bed one where Burke comforts Cristina. Season 2 episode 10 is another good one. That's the key one that starts out with Burke and Cristina kissing coming home from Thanksgiving and ends with the birth of the quints. There are so many though. Sometimes I just put a random DVD in and pick a scene without even knowing what is in it. They are all good.


I'm with you Burke Backer, my friends and I laughed more at Burke's line; it was he funniest.


I like Burke's quote better. Can we do a write in campaign?


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