American Idol Singing Instructor Answers a Few Questions

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With the sixth season of American Idol just days away, The Concord Monitor checked in with local voice instructor Ellen Nordstrom Baer of the Concord Community Music School.

The American Idol Crew

Baer, an opera singer, has taught students that have made it to American Idol's top 150, along with Star Search's top 50. She's also been featured on the MTV show Made. The paper asked Baer for the inside scoop on singing contests.

Someone that reaches your soul ... that connects with the audience. I believe they're also looking for things that are unusual. Maybe a different kind of lick on a general ballad.

  • Clay or Ruben?

[Clay Aiken] has the audience appeal, but Ruben had the better voice, if you ask me. But Ruben, I don't know where Ruben is. (He's) the next Luther Vandross, but he just hasn't marketed himself.

  • Simon or Paula?

Oh honestly, I actually like Simon. I do believe he's honest and he knows what he's talking about. I think he gives tough love.

  • What's a song you would recommend no one ever sing on American Idol?

"I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston.

  • Will any of your students be auditioning this year?

Not this year. But I do have someone who's interested in the Rock Star: Supernova show with Tommy Lee.

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"What’s a song you would recommend no one ever sing on American Idol?" “I Will Always Love You� by Whitney Houston." ????


With all due respect to Ms.Baer, she is really wrong about Clay and Ruben. Clay Aiken most definitely has the better voice hands down. I have seen Mr.Aiken in concert and no one out there right now has the powerful voice and range that this man has. His voice is truly pure and BEAUTIFUL. He must really be seen live to truly appreciate the talent that this man has. I am not a musical professional but I most certainly do appreciate and know a great voice when I hear it. All that being said Mr.Aiken also has perfect stage presence. There really isn't even a comparison between Clay and Ruben.