Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXVII

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Another week, another Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest. After a long layoff, the show returned with the all-new "Six Days" on Thursday. The Insider is officially back on its regular Monday Caption Contest schedule as well!

We've looked over all of the reponses and decided that Sarah is the winner. Such a simple caption, but one that says all there is to say about Grey's Anatomy and the characters we love. The winning entry appears below the picture. For the full list of responses, scroll down. Thanks as always for playing, and best of luck this week!

Here's this week's Caption Contest image:

Meredith & Mark

"I guess I'm up for it if you are."

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Mer: Seriously, you are just so McDreamy :sighs:
Mark: So, you think I'm Derk? Umm.... lets go take a bath and I can show just how dreamy I can be :smiles:


Mark: So..... how about McDirty?
Mer: Umm, I don't think that droping the mistress part and adding Mc changes the name.
Mark: That name wasn't for you....
Mer: Oh.... Seriously?


Mark: Can I buy my fellow dirty exmistress a shot of tequila?
Mer: Well? Mabye...but then again you know what happens when I drink tequila.
Mark: haha. Oh trust me I've heard


I guess I'm up for it if you are.


Mark: " You know Meredith it's no too late for you to choose me over Derek. "
Meredith: " Do you really think I'll leave my McDreamy for McSteamy?? get real Sloan"
Mark: " Ohh shit you're right. "


Mer: I would really like to sleep with you but you are a McSlut. Mark: Wow, I was not expecting that!


A McSteamy Conversation


Meredith: " Soo Mark how do you feel about Addison and Alex ? "
Mark: " I dunno.. I think she gets to steal your crown.. your no longer the 'Dirty Ex-Mistress'...sorry Mer."
Meredith: " Are you serious Sloan.. that's not fair Addison is Queen of Passive Agressiva and now she gets to steal MY Dirty Ex-Mistress crown too?? "
Mark: " Life is hard.. live with it. "


Mer: know Derek looks really hot today


Mer: Look, I love Derek, and you were with Addison. It really wouldnt be right for us to start something.
Mark: But we're the dirty mistresses, we arent right anyway.
Mer: Ok, you do have a point, but any minute now, dereks going to walk in here and want me back and i just cant say no. seriously!

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