Katherine Heigl Criticizes Remark, Would "Throw Down" For T.R. Knight

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Katherine Heigl, Isaiah Washington
It's the feud that wouldn't die.

Much as we would love to stop writing about this incident, the parties involved (and, to some extent, the mainstream media) make it impossible to ignore.

That's right, as many fans already know, there's trouble brewing among the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Again. And this time, another cast member - Katherine Heigl - is in the fray, albeit voluntarily.

At the Golden Globe Awards Monday, Heigl slammed co-star Isaiah Washington for using a slur regarding fellow cast member T.R. Knight, who he was denying using said slur against in the first place.

At issue was a statement Isaiah Washington made in the Golden Globes press room when he was asked about the alleged on-set incident between himself and Knight last fall, which preceded Knight's public coming out.

"No, I did not call T.R. a faggot," he said, according to Access Hollywood. "Never happened, never happened."

Heigl, who is close friends with T.R. Knight, criticized Washington's statement.

"I'm going to be really honest right now, he needs to just not speak in public. Period," she said. "I'm sorry, that did not need to be said, I'm not okay with it."

Asked if Knight's feelings were hurt by the comment, she said: "I don't see how you could not be under those circumstances."

Heigl, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Grey's Anatomy was named Best TV Drama), added that she didn't know exactly what to make of the comment, but hoped the cast would work through the incident like a family.

"I have no idea what it was, I just find it hurtful... I just feel like this is something that should be very much in house we need to deal with and it's among us, the cast and crew and among Shonda Rhimes (the show's creator) and the producers," she said.

Still, she was adamant that she'd stand up for Knight anytime.

"I don't think [Washington] meant it the way it came off, but T.R. is my best friend. I will throw down for that kid. I will beat you up. I will use every ounce of energy I have to take you down if you hurt his feelings," she said.

For his part, Washington continued to address questions about the alleged on-set incident, later telling Access Hollywood:

"There is no way I could do anything so vile, and so horrible, not only to a castmate, but to a fellow human being. It did not happen. The reports were all wrong... I'm very disappointed that the New York Post actually wrote legitimately about something that was put in a tabloid about some angry person to get some validity to this, and then it just rippled."

He also said that he has completely made up with fellow co-star Patrick Dempsey after a scuffle prompted the alleged remark about Knight.

"I kiss Patrick Dempsey," said Washington. "We sing 'Ebony and Ivory' every day since the so-called incident and it hasn't come up."

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Thank you Teresa! The show is GOOD, the actors do a GREAT job at pulling you in every week and the entire production team must very creative to make a show like this. Isn't that what really matters? We should be talking about what is going to be on the next show. I know I can't wait, its the ONLY time I watch TV.


you wouldn't believe how much i laughed with those comments.
in the first place cause it's such a stupid topic to talk about so restlessly. "he looked honest... he looks like the kind of person that does that"... (i admit i didn't see any interviews or ellen show's or whatsoever about the big "faggot" fight, but reading this post was enough). they're actors damn it, they act. wondering about the personality of someone you don't know at all is stupid, and plus saying "he looks like..." that's even more stupid. actors look like whatever they want. that's what make them good actors...
so who cares about this story? someone was saying "the medias ate this with a spoon" or something like that. they cooked it, you're eating it with the damn spoon. everyone says faggot (ok, saying it to/about/whatever your work colleague is pretty rude), something like that (not necesarily about the "faggot" topic) happenned to you once in your life for sure, but in this case you talk about it like it's your lives. it's their's. let them live them. who cares? ok he said faggot. a faggot is a faggot? what do you want to call it?
he said faggot
who answered what to whom,who got hurt, who is angry?
i don't give a damn and don't see why anybody does.
hooray for that guy calling faggot to someone else and people don't giving a s***. faggot? let him be so. cool. where were we? anyway this comment wasn't really to talk about the "faggot" thing but only to say the comments by Burke Backer were really funny. you're all right.
and the one by Faggot was hillarious too. P.S: sorry for any spelling or gramatical mistakes. i'm not from a english-spoken country.


If T.R. Knight quits because IW has a nasty temper he is a real fool. Everybody loves George and he may never get another opportunity to play a part like this one again. Too many other tv stars have left the show that made them famous only to sink into obsurity. Why should he run off with his tail between his legs because his feelings were hurt? He ought to be tougher than that and realize what a once in a lifetime opportunity this is and not let the bully scare him off.


Let Washington go not T R. T R makes the show. Certainlly more than that door knob Washington. He should be greatful being a old washed up actor given a second chance. Same with Patrick Dempsey only he isn't a ---hole. He's very thankful. No rehab will teach you to be decent to other human beings. Either your parents taught you or they didn't. So he won't ever change just be a foney to keep his job even though no white people like him.


I think that you all are faggots, that should get off this shit. Get a life. He said faggot b/c that dude likes to suck dicks, and IW likes pussy. So what? It is what it is. Gay people like you all make this word much more than it is. When kids on the street are playing they call each other gay or faggots as a joke and don't take it personally, you all should learn something from these kids. Oh, and by the way, why is it that every carpet muncher and dick waxing person out there have a problem with the word faggot or any other homo-word but have no problem saying a racial slur. I bet that most of you gay MF's have no problem calling a black a nigger or a latino a spic but as soon as someone says faggot, you get your panties in a bunch (literally). So, with that being said, I think that you hypocrites need to check yourselfs. If you like the same sex you are a faggot, I call it like I see it. Have a nice day :))


Nice use of "in the fray" for this article.


To bad everyone in America hates the truth. These people act together. Key word act. They don't have to like each other. If T.R. was so upset about being called a faggot, then maybe he should stop being one. I'm not saying what took place at the Golden Globes was at the right place or time. But Isiah Washington has the right to his feelings. It caused no physical harm, and in my opinion brought more attention to a show that has a considerable amount already. Going on a certain someones television show to cry about being called a faggot is pretty pathetic. Thats like going to a beauty pageant and becoming upset because someone told you that you are pretty.


Hi Margo, I am not the enemy here. There is really no need to attack me personally. Just as you do not know me, you do not know Isaiah. Please try not to be so judgmental. If you go to eonline, you will find word for word the questions asked and TRs responses from the Ellen interview. That is what I was referring to by "transcripts". That just means written account of the conversation. I love Grey's too and have also enjoyed it from the start and really liked last week's episode as well. Isaiah and TR are both such good actors that their scenes together were very believable as two men who like and respect each other. I hope they can get back to that off screen, too. I hope that we can, too. Isn't it funny that "sweetheart" can be a slur, too. It all depends on the intent.


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