Walk On Water: A Sneak Peek

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Walk On Water: A Sneak Peek
All Grey's Anatomy watchers surely remember the two-part, post-Super Bowl episode from last year that catapulted the show and its cast to stardom.

Can the show possibly match the drama and excitement of "It's the End of the World... (As We Know It)" here in Season 3?

It's certainly going to try. The Insider has obtained pictures of the cast - Patrick Dempsey in particular - filming an upcoming episode entitled "Walk on Water," slated to air during February 8, during sweeps week.

What's more, a TV Guide investigator reports that "Walk on Water" promises to make last year's bomb-in-the-OR plot look tame.

According to inside sources, the action centers around a fire on a ferry boat (Derek will surely be disappointed), with scenes filmed on location along the Seattle waterfront as well as Santa Anita, California.

"It's going to be ginormous in terms of scope," reveals one spy, who says that more than 200 extras were employed for the disaster scenes alone.

We have more pictures of Patrick on the set of this episode after the jump. There's nothing that gives away much, but you still might want to skip it if you're not into spoilers.

Walk On Water: I
Walk On Water: II
Patrick Dempsey: Walk On Water
Walk On Water: Patrick Dempsey

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people shouldn't complain. movies are movies, so what if it takes place in seattle, its not like they havent shot movies in new york or chicago, its cool


i think that merdith doesnt die because if she was to die the name of the show wouldnt make any sense and she is the main character ! also , i think george dies and merdiths mother dies ! i hope merdith doesnt die !! i wont watch it ever agian ! and i hope no freaky ghost thing goes on !! I MAY B young but i love love love love this show ! every week im sitting down in fron t of the T.V !!!


the guy wok up and went into shock...he pushed her over...ending the show where it began with meredith in the water...cant wait till next week!


I turned around 2 seconds at the end of the show,
and missed what happenned to Meridith....did she
fall in the water, pushed?


So what exactly happened with boat, was ther an explosion, or was did the ferry crash into something, cause the guy that said what happened was talking way to fast.
But still this episode would have to be the best Grey's ever, and i can't wait until next week.


Michele, the name of the last song is called MAKE THIS GO ON FOREVER by Snow Patrol. I recommend getting the album. Its amazing.


can someone please tell me the name of the song at the end of this episode?!


wow. that was probably the best episode ever aired.


can not wait for this episode....only 1 more day! :)


And about Meredith and Derek... I don't think something bad will happen to them. I REALLY HOPE for that because the last season was HELL for me... Mer and Derek apart, I don't want that to happen again!

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