Walk On Water: A Sneak Peek

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Walk On Water: A Sneak Peek
All Grey's Anatomy watchers surely remember the two-part, post-Super Bowl episode from last year that catapulted the show and its cast to stardom.

Can the show possibly match the drama and excitement of "It's the End of the World... (As We Know It)" here in Season 3?

It's certainly going to try. The Insider has obtained pictures of the cast - Patrick Dempsey in particular - filming an upcoming episode entitled "Walk on Water," slated to air during February 8, during sweeps week.

What's more, a TV Guide investigator reports that "Walk on Water" promises to make last year's bomb-in-the-OR plot look tame.

According to inside sources, the action centers around a fire on a ferry boat (Derek will surely be disappointed), with scenes filmed on location along the Seattle waterfront as well as Santa Anita, California.

"It's going to be ginormous in terms of scope," reveals one spy, who says that more than 200 extras were employed for the disaster scenes alone.

We have more pictures of Patrick on the set of this episode after the jump. There's nothing that gives away much, but you still might want to skip it if you're not into spoilers.

Walk On Water: I
Walk On Water: II
Patrick Dempsey: Walk On Water
Walk On Water: Patrick Dempsey

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Maybe Derek handles all this by himself (I mean that Burke, Addie and Mark are at Seattle Grace) and this is his winning card for Chief!
This kind of episodes always do some change to the characters, to me is McDreamy's time to shine.


Can't get enough about the show. I also hope it doesn't mean anything bad for McDreamy and Meridith....it would nice to see ups and downs but sticking by each other....I read a quote that Shonda likes to explore relationships further so here's hoping that was accurate. Look forward to it every week.




when are they filming in seattle!?


OMFG!!!! And i thought nothing could top last yr...SO CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so excited, and this episode is going to air on my B-Day :) YAY!!


OMG!!! Its going to be so crazy, I fire on a ferry boat! I cant wait!! Only a few


Ooooooh!! That looks sooo good!! McDreamy looks sooo.... dreamy **sigh**


This I believe will also be in two parts. I can't wait from what little I've seen and heard it is going to be a lot better than the bomb episode from season 2. Patrick looks amazing in the photo's also. But I also hope nothing bad happens between Derek and Meredith they deserve to be happy.


This can't be good.. There are always metaphors in this show. I would think a fire on a ferry boat would mean turmoil for Meredith and Derek or some other horrible thing happening between the characters.. I can't wait to see what this REALLY means!!!

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