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American Idol Controversy: Topless Antonella Barba Pictures Surface

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Remember Frenchie Davis, American Idol watchers?

Those that do pretty much only recall this contestant as the singer that got disqualified for posing in her lingerie years before the competition.

Antonella Barba hopes she doesn't become a similar victim.

Pictures of the semi-finalist have surfaced on the Internet. We're not judging, just presenting them to fans so they can have an idea of what we're talking about.

Antonella is second from the right. Could she follow Akron Watson out the door? Or will producers give the girl a break? She is covering up, after all...

Antonella Barba, Topless

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well this should change your mind


I dont think Antonella should be kicked off just because of those photos. People do things they regret!! Other people have taken nude photos before, so it shouldn't matter. She is very upset about this, so please don't just come here to post rude comments! Get a life!! American Idol is not about the photos, it's about the singing.


Does anyone else find it funny that she attends Catholic University? Her parents must be proud!!


yea these are not nude photos but its bogus one of her friends tried to get her kicked off. nobody would care if this girl wasnt in competition for american idol so leave the girl alone until shes really does something wrong


Here is the website of her at the World War 2 memorial. It is disgusting. I hope she gets kicked off the show.


Another website that I found that some of her friends have been leaking information and pictures to is:


Now, it is not just the picture on the toilet or the beach pictures. Now there are pictures of her engaging in sex acts, and now you can see pictures of body parts.
2 days ago, pictures were released of her splashing around in the World War 2 monument in DC with a white t-shirt on, no bra and sometimes no underwear, looking like she is posing for Maxim.
What do all of you who are TRYING to defend her have to say now? Before, when there were somewhat incriminating photos, now there are photos of her performing sex acts, and defacing a public monument half naked?
WHAT do you have to say about that now? And this is only the beginning.. there are more pictures out there. A source from a website I go to from sources at Catholic University said that more photos are being leaked onto websites everyday.
All of these photos can be found on
and before you say "that is not Antonella" there is proof that it is her because she is a beauty mark on her forehead that is visible in other pictures.


shes friggin hot


I think that she is a great singer, and if she gets kicked off the show for those pictures, than A.I. is foolish and close minded. She isnt showing anynthing more than what a swimsuit would show. I totally support her, she is one of my favorite contestants.


it could deffinitly be worse. she shouldn't be penilized for doing something all girls do on spring break. and remember on some beaches, it's okay to go topless. and she's covering up as well so there's no harm in having a little bit of fun. if this picture affects the outcome of the voting results on A.I. than i will no longer have anything to do with the show. i'm also from jersey and my mom knows antonella's dad.