Congrats to Jennifer Hudson, Oscar Winner

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We've seen it coming for months, but it was still great to actually see it:

Jennifer Hudson, former American Idol finalist, is now an Academy Award winner. She took home the trophy for Best Supporting Actress last night. Below, Hudson poses with fellow actor, Forest Whitaker - and performs with Dreamgirls co-star, Beyonce.

Hudson and Whitaker

Your Dreamgirls

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Jennifer Hudson already had the level of talent she has before American Idol. Idol was just her showcase to the world to let it be known who is Jennifer Hudson. Jhud worked her own way up the ladder. Jennifer is a beautiful young lady. She is very humble, and she is well grounded with a classy old soul. Jennifer deserves everything she has gotten and more. The young lady is just simply amazing. Like her are not she will be around for many years to come, and what a talent.


we almost have the same name but my name is jenia hudson


I've been debating this on my blog and was wondering what your opinion about Jennifer Hudson is. Did she get this successful in spite of American Idol or because of American Idol. I say the latter, but a lot of folks have told me I'm crazy and that she owes nothing to American Idol. What do you think?


I couldn't be more happy for Jennifer .. She deserves it and I couldn't be happier..