Jordin Sparks: The American Idol Hopeful

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Jordin Sparks is no stranger to fame. Her father, Phillippi Sparks, played professional football for a number of years.

Family connections remain a significant part of this American Idol hopeful's life - her maternal grandmother, Pam Wiedmann, is the singer's manager.

Sparks, Audition

Sparks auditioned for both American Juniors and Star Search in 2003, before appearing on America's Most Talented Kids twice in 2004 and winning on her first appearance.

Finally, just like other Idols before her - such as Carrie Underwood - Jordin Sparks is a national anthem soloist, performing for various teams, such as the Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Jordin were do you go shopping I love all those dresses you were on american idol


jordin you was the best ever and i am glad that you won american idol blake could not sing at all


Jordin u were by far 1 of the best singers from the very begining. This is totally Your Now. I am so glad that u r living ur dream today know dreams deffered 4 u. Way 2 go Jordin


Wes is a poor loser. Jordin is by far the best singer and deserved the title.


Blake Lewis was robbed by all the moms and little girls who voted for you. You make me cringe when you screech and whine. Good to get you out of the way.


hey congrats on winning the american idol. that was so awesome n everything. good luck down the road. laterz happy n excited for you.