More on the Return of Denny Duquette

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Last week, we talked about the glorious and perplexing news, courtesy of Michael Ausiello at TV Guide, that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be reprising his role of Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy.

Now, Kristin Veitch of E! Online has more on how Denny Duquette comes back to Grey's, and shares with us a few juicy details of his return.

More on the Return of Denny Duquette
Inside sources reveal the following pieces of information, which should put to rest some speculation while fueling even more:
  1. Denny does not appear in a flashback.
  2. Denny does not appear in a dream.
  3. It is Denny and not something kooky like his twin.
  4. Denny is not the only one we see.
  5. And for the record, the scene in which Denny appears will completely blow your mind.

Wow. That's a lot to take in.

Needless to say, cancel any plans you might have for the next few Thursdays and make sure you check out what happens with our friends at Seattle Grace. Because everyone will be talking about the next few episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Apparently, "Walk On Water" was only the beginning.

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They won't kill off Meredith. They'll probably make it pretty close, though - remember when Denny was getting his heart transplant, and the heart wouldn't start beating, and they cut to a commercial as the machine was flatlining? Something along those lines. Derek will probably be her "knight in shining ...whatever" as everything ties in on Grey's Anatomy. Like in the bomb episode, when Meredith wakes up with a bad feeling. It's called foreshadowing. It would be an unwise decision for them to kill off any of the main characters, because they'd never stop getting crap for it, no matter how much the killed character is or isn't liked. Killing off Burke seems like a strange prediction to me, even with the rumors of him being fired (though I thought those were supposedly settled?) The focus seems to have shifted from Burke & Cristina for now - they had their spot in the limelight with Burke's tremors and their game of "Uncle," and now they are engaged. (Not that I have anything against either of them, don't get me wrong, I love them both.) Ellis Grey dying in heart surgery isn't such a bad theory. It'd definitely be dramatic to have both Greys in ORs at the same time, on the verge of death. As for the Denny thing, I'd love to see him back, but I just hope it isn't too cheesy. His spirit helping save somebody or whatever...that doesn't sound like Grey's Anatomy. Anyway, I'm sure they can pull it off. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.


They kill Meredith, and they kill Greys.


I love merder, too, purplemerder, and don't want any of the main characters to die. That is what I am trying to say. I don't think they could possibly kill off Meredith. If she dies, it will be only until she is revived and I think that will happen in the miracle episode, the third part in the series. Meredith is my third favorite character on the show after only Burke and Cristina. I never want anything to happen to her. I agree with the person who said she is the thread between the characters and I think she holds the whole tapestry together. It would all fray without her. The merder fans went through a whole season of drama and it was gut wrenching at tiimes but every week there were reasons to believe that Meredith and Derek belonged together and never any question of one or the other being killed of or leaving the show. Burke and Cristina fans have gone through this whole season until two weeks ago without really knowing if they would survive the hand tremor thing. They are just now kind of back together. We certainly don't want to lose either of them now. I just hope that if not this Thursday, after next Thursday we know that all are safe with Derek and Meredith and Burke and Cristina still together. A double wedding would be nice.


I know you love burktina burke backer but we love merder.....i still want to talk about our favorite show and remain impartial


Burke Backer to be fair us merder fans went through a whole season of drama with our character and you guys only a few weeks. I am sorry that people are saying that burke should die but as much as you love burke we lover merder.


For one thing, it would be the death of Grey's if Meredith dies. The show is based on her and the people around her. How could they do that. They definately would lose a lot of credability and a lot of fans. I, personally, thought Denny was hot. I never wanted him to die and it would be strange for them to bring him back but they do it on soap's everyday. Everybody I know think maybe his spirit will help to save Meredith. Like on One Tree Hill, Keith's spirit helped save everyone when the lemo went over the bridge and his spirit helped save Lucas when he had a heart attack. So he's be back on the show but in spirit only.


It is interesting. Meredith falls off the dock and into the frigid water of Puget Sound after trying to drown herself in the bath tub that morning and still someone suspects if a character is going to die it will be Burke. It really makes me want to jump into the water myself. For those of you worried about Meredith, can't sleep, nervous, frightened for your favorite character or one half of your favorite couple, you are experiencing in this one week what the Burke fans have been experiencing for the past four months. Please stop wishing that our favorite character would die or that if someone has to die it will be him. Let's kill off Ellis Grey. Let's kill off someone of less significance than any of the 10 original cast members. For the love of God, let's get past the f-word and as Kristen says make the f-word ferryboats. Shonda has stated that they are not going to fire Burke. Why would they then turn around and kill off his character. He has a six year contract with the show. I really think if he were leaving it would be in the news because he would not accept this without a fight. Kristen also says that there will be two deaths, one this week and one next. One of the two will be a main character and that one of the two deaths will stick, meaning one will not. Can't we all hope that the death that sticks is not one of the main characters and that the one that does stick is someone of less significance to the fans of the show? I think Meredith will see bomb squad guy and Denny in a near death experience but in the third part of the series she will be brought back to life. It's cheesy, but far better than having anyone we love permanently dead.


interesting news...
Kristen's video on e online shows that somebody big is going to die. Somebody very unexpected...
I think it might be Burke...after that whole thing on set...but dunno...


I agree with canedoc. I think she will have a near death experience and while she is seeing the light she will see Denny and probably bomb squad guy and maybe even Mr. O'Malley. Maybe she'll have a message for Izzie that Denny is proud of the clinic and a message for George that his father is happy about his marriage.


Ugh. Please don't bring Denny back to life. Unacceptable.

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