Shonda Rhimes Shares Her Thoughts On "Drowning On Dry Land"

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Shonda Rhimes Discusses
No question about it, Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes - who wrote "Walk On Water," this week's "Drowning On Dry Land" and next week's "Some Kind of Miracle" - is taking some heat over recent developments.

How could she kill Meredith? Is she forcing a dramatic story line just for the sake of dramatic story line? And what happens next?

Rhimes' thoughts are articulated on her official blog, which you can read here.

But here's an excerpt from her take on "Drowning On Dry Land" and Meredith in particular. Even though she died, which was really sad, at the same time, it was kind of cool, wasn't it? Take it away, Shonda...


So, yeah, that was Denny and Dylan.

I'm trying to be all casual about it.

Like I don't care.

Like, you know, Denny and Dylan, whatever. I'm cool, I'm good.

But I almost hugged Jeffrey Dean Morgan to death when he arrived on set. He was nice about it considering the restraining order he should have taken out against me during Season Two. I was glad to see him. And I was glad to see Kyle Chandler who was gracious enough to fly out here and film on one of his very few days off from the very well-written Friday Night Lights.

See, I miss Denny and Dylan. A lot. So it was nice to see them for a moment, wasn't it? Even if Meredith is dead?

You all have some pretty strong feelings about this. I've been reading your comments. Strong feelings. Which I respect. Grey's Anatomy is in its third season and we're doing something a little... different. It's about time we did.

Because, as I said when you shouted your horror about the Meredith-George sex, I remind you that we writers like to follow the characters here and we try very hard not to make story just to make story.

We like to have a point. Meredith being dead is about... well, you will see what it is about next week. She was in pain, this girl. And...

... okay, I don't want to talk about that. Meredith being dead at the end of this episode. I can't. Not yet.

Shonda Rhimes Shares Her Thoughts On "Drowning On Dry Land"

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Burke Backer, I just LOVE what you wrote about Burke. We feel the same about him. I'm going to print this out and post it in my closet mirror, if you don't mind. Reading that would always make me smile.


wow.....Burke Backer, what you wrote is so moving.
I have only recently started watching grey's and I love Burke and cristina together.They are so cute and Burke is smoking hot.
Please do not worry about Burke leaving the show.
I am sure that it will not happen.They will not mess with the on-screen chemistry when the show is such a success.I do not know much about the controversy but I heard that he was back to work.They might have worked things out.
About his breaking up with cristina, we do not know that it will happen for sure.It is all just pure speculation.
IW is really lucky to have such loyal fans.
Hope that you can enjoy the show on thursday.


BB, I agree. I became addicted to the show (seriously) because of Burke and Cristina, and I don't watch primetime television. My boss even knows not to ask me to stay late on Thurs. I was just watching the "I am Preston Burke" episode and kept watching the scene when he tells Cristina he loves her. I think the reason he tells Cristina that he knows her is because she is so much like him: ambitious, career focused, stubborn, controlling, etc. They've changed each other, and he is so in love with her, and she with him. It just took Cristina longer to stop fighting it because she didn't want that kind of attachment. They have come a long way since Season 1. Cristina was definitely the one controlling the relationship then, and Burke took over in Season 2. Now they have to learn to compromise. Even when they get married, they'll still have disagreements, but as long as it resolved at the end, I would be okay with it. Even though Shonda doesn't talk much about our couple, I think she knows how important they are to the show. IW and SO are very talented actors and they have so much chemistry. I am so looking forward to more of that chemistry being shown. I really miss that. I can hardly wait for Thurs.


I really hope you are right, MJ. On BangsAnatomy there is a thread about why we love Burke. I've been thinking about this alot. Why do I love Preston Burke so much? Why would it be devastating to me if this character were no longer on GA? So, I started thinking about it and this iis what I know. I first got interested in him because he was so skilled and competent as a surgeon. I loved the way he walked and talked and backed up the talk with action. I admired him because he was the best surgeon at Seattle Grace with the record for the lowest mortality rate. I started to really like him when I realized that he also cared about his patients. Each time he talked to a patient or the patient's family you could tell that when he operated that it was a person to him and that it mattered if they lived. Infatuation started when he was honest about his own mistakes and shortcomings like when he confessed to having left the towel in the woman's chest cavity and stood up for Meredith when she nicked the heart with her finger nail, and when he asked Bailey if he was too confident he took her answer to heart and tried to change. I loved that he saw the good in Cristina right from the beginning. He saw her softer side with Nurse Fallon clear back in episode four of season one when no one else did. When he told her in the locker room, "I know you", he did. He saw through her guarded personna to someone afraid to trust in love so he set out to prove she could trust him. Time and tiime again he made her face her commitment issues by keeping their relationship moving forward. I felt a strong physical pull towards him when he brought the coffee for Cristina and then became her lover. It is hard not to have a strong physical reaction to Isaiah with his shirt off. But I think I fell in love with Burke when it became obvious that it was more than sex for him. That he wanted to have a relationship with Cristina. He was no longer just a typical hot man, then. He was a sensitive, romantic, hot man. The fact that he is monogamous is a huge turn on for me. I love that there is no one else but Cristina. I love that there is no one else for either one of them. That love grew kind of into obsession with every loving thing he did. Comforting her, trying to understand her, getting hurt by her, forgiving her, through it all loving her. Being a friend to George when he needed one. Being a friend to Derek now when he needs one. Caring about the Chief's opiinon of him. Caring about Bailey's opinion of him. Being a gentleman to Izzie and Meredith because they are important to Cristina. Being rude to Sloan because he hurt Derek. I love his loyalty. His willingness to be vulnerable by giving his heart to Cristina even knowing she would have a hard time returning his love. In fact, it is that blend of vulnerable and confident that make him so likeable to me. He is just simply my perfect guy. I will try to be an "I believer", but it is getting increasingly hard. I don't want the character of Burke to leave the show because it would ruin it for me and the other thousand or so people on BangsAnatomy and those fans who have found this one website that focuses on them. I also don't want his character to break up with Cristina because they have been the one constant relationship from the beginning and they are really good together. I can't imagine either one of them with anyone else. I'm not looking forward to Thursday. I am looking foward to getting past it without losing any of the original cast.


BB, don't worry. If Burke was leaving, the media would be all over it, especially the entertainment shows.


The spoiler is bullshit, anyone can edit those things to write whatever they want. All you have to do is register and I'm pretty sure you can edit it to say whatever. An organ donation wouldn't make any sense in Meredith's case. Hypothermia makes your whole body slow down and basically preserve itself, you wouldn't need new organs! That doesn't make any sense.


SHONDA!!! Meredith can't be dead its not allowed! i was in tears the whole time!! NOT ALLOWED!!!


Zee, I so agree. The relationship between Burke and Cristina, and Cristina and Mer are on different levels. Mer is Cristina's best friend/sister. When she's annoyed at Burke or they have a disagreement, Mer is the person she goes to for advice or as a listening board, and Burke is the love of her life, the person that comforts her, and shows her how to love. There are things you can talk to you best friend about that you don't feel you can talk to you boyfriend or spouse about. Also, Ellis will be the one that dies. (The ratings are great, they're not letting any of the main characters go). In addition to seeing Denny and the other guy (can't remember his name), I think she's going to see her mother, too. And, hopefully when Mer is better, she'll have a chance to make peace with her mother before she goes, otherwise we may end up watching a depressed Mer. The question in my mind is why didn't she just swim to safety; does she not know how to swim, or was she giving up? I have faith in Shonda (although she should say a few words about Burke and Cristina, at least for their fans) that she will not let Burke and Cristina take backward steps. I don't think she would have wasted time with Burke proposing, and Cristina accepting. If she was going to take backward steps, Cristina wouldn't have accepted Burke's proposal. And, I'm waiting for some nice warm B/C moments, at least some cuddling. We're long overdue.


I am not having any trouble getting on the forums...the only problem i had was Thursday night when the whole site was down.


I have doubt concerning this spoiler.Why would Meredith require organ donation?She needs to be rewarmed and it can be done.Maybe Elis dies and meets her while she is chating with Denny and Dylan.They will have a reunion and she will come back.Thus Elis saves her.It does look like something that would happen in six feet under but I will not be surprised if they go that route.
Burketina's fight seems so "forced".It was as if the writers wanted them to fight for the sake of fighting.
I would not be surprised if they broke up.They may have initially planned to have these 2 married at the end of the season but after the whole CG fiasco, things may have changed.
It is sad because, many viewers, myself inculded do not really care about the backstage drama.
Anyway, maybe we should all just like Izzie believe in the good, that Burke and Cristina will make it.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)