Antonella Barba: A Girl Gone Wild?

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To many, recent Antonella Barba photos already prove that this is a girl gone wild.

Barba … Gone Wild?
But the American Idol contestant now has a chance to make it official.

Joe Francis, the man behind the Girls Gone Wild empire, has already offered the singer a $250,000 contract to appear in a video as a celebrity host. Francis tells

“We have reached out to Antonella Barba through her family and are trying to reach her directly in order to offer her a hosting job for one of our upcoming video projects. Just like the American Idol judges, we at Girls Gone Wild are looking for a girl next door, with sexiness, attitude, a carefree spirit and a presence that will command the attention of the Nation.”

Should Barba accept the offer?

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I do not care for Antonella, but to compare her to Frenchie is outrageous! Frenchie premediatately elected to have X-Rated photos of herself for money! Antonella did not take pictures for money and half of those comprimising photos are not even her. The sad part about this is that so much racism and jealousy is involved with this. This islamic woman is protesting to get Antonella off of the show because she is a pretty white girl who will (as proven thus far) take much needed votes away from other more deserving singers, and that probably is true. But this is a competition, and to get someone kicked off because you are jealous is ridiculous! This islamic woman is no doubt a RACIST PIG! I am 100% certain if Antonella was black, this islamic woman would not protest to have her kicked off idol. I never voted for Antonella, and probably never will, but I am now rallying a protest and asking family, friends and acquaintances to fight this racist charge against this islamic woman and do not vote at all! or vote for the awful singers just to send a message to this BIG RACIST ISLAMIC WOMAN AND HER SUPPORTERS that she will not win this fight; she may win a battle, but in the end the majority, who are not islamic, will win or pick the winner!