Celebrities Offer Jennifer Hudson Advice on her Career

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Jennifer Hudson won an Academy Award last month.

So it's not like her career is in trouble.

Hudson and her Oscar
But the former American Idol contestant has made a few comments recently that have soiled her reputation a bit. Not to worry, though, Jennifer. Check out the advice some celebrities are offering for your future:

“Jennifer has to follow her intuition … I’d look for something next that’s just fun. Do a silly comedy if it’s in your gut.” - Kirsten Dunst

“I’d suggest Jennifer do a straight drama or comedy … musicals are a limited genre and you can’t really make a career out of that.” - John Travolta

“I would do some drama if I were her. That’s what I was really impressed by in Dreamgirls. I knew she was a great singer.” - Randy Jackson

That all makes sense. As for the future of Sanjaya Malakar? That may be harder to predict.

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Jennifer, for God's sake, don't listen to Clive Davis regarding your recording choices. He will do with you what he's done with Fantasia: he sent her straight to hip/hop. What a shame, she's recording junk. In 25 years when Fantasia looks back at her discography, she'll break into tears when she sees all the rubbish representing her output, just to sell a few records. Hudson, sing classic soul and sing your butt off on some REALLY GOOD MATERIAL. As far as movies are concerned, solidify the fact that you CAN act by doing a heavy drama, followed by another musical and then a comedy. And, more than anything, WATCH YOUR MOUTH, THE WORLD IS LISTENING TO EVERY WORD YOU UTTER.