Farewell to Brandon Rogers: Ousted American Idol Hopeful Says Goodbye

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Below are a few excerpts from Brandon Rogers, given to TV writers during a conference call after he was voted out of American Idol:

Bye, Bye Brandon
Singing contest or popularity contest? "You know what, I don’t know if this is a singing contest or a popularity contest, or which one is more valid, but the factor of the matter is, it’s a contest. By whatever means people decide to vote, whether it’s on your voice, your looks, or whether they like you as a person, it has no bearing on the validity of the winner. It is what it is. We all knew this going into it. You just try to do your best on the show and hope that it works out for you, and hope that you can pick up some fans along the way that keep you going. I got all the way to our top 12, man, I’m pretty elated just to be there."

Did the back-up singer label hurt? "It very well may have, but on the same page, look at [Melinda Doolittle]. She’s a background singer, too, and she stepped up to the occasion. Honestly, like I said earlier, I didn’t choose songs that really allowed me to do that, like I think the judges and a lot of people thought that I was capable of doing, and that I think I was capable of doing. I didn’t do that, so that was a failure on my part. I don’t know if it worked against me or not. I think my picking the wrong songs worked far more against me than anything to do with my background singing."

Ruminating on roommates: "My roommate for the most part of the show, it had been Phil. We changed locations and it had become Chris Sligh ... You get really close. Phil and I have become close, and honestly, I had only been living with Sligh for a week, but I’ve been on the show with him for many weeks. So we’re all friends, and we’re all close, but it was just hard to see anybody go. I liken it to trying to pick your favorite sibling.

Honestly, inside the Idol bubble, as they call it, you’re sort of closed off from the outside world. You don’t get to see your family and you don’t get to see your friends, so these people become your family and your friends."

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I like the things he had to say. He sounds like a level-headed guy and its too bad that he got voted off. However, there is good news...there is an awesome contest that is giving away an all expense paid trip to see the finale performance of american idol! all you have to do is upload a video this website: http://www.jinglesforpringles.... before April 8th and you could win two tickets to the final, airfare, hotel, transportation and $500!! I work with Pringles, so I have the inside scoop. You can watch all of the submitted videos online...And believe me, you don't want to pass this up because it's your chance to shine!


Its not farewell to Brandon Its just Hello. Was very proud of Brandon on Regis show this am. The two professionals knocked down SanJay, while Brandon actually related that SanJay was his friend and working hard. Simon claimed one other contestant a man for apologizing Wed nite, not one up for Brandon. I feel very sad for SanJ who has been kicked in the shins so many times. When Simon finally does get rid of him I hope Sanjay can hold his head high and keep on chuggin. Lots of luck Brandon. We wiil see you again.