Grey's Anatomy (and its Possible Spinoff Series) Set to Welcome Tim Daly

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Tim Daly
First there was McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey).

Then along came McSteamy (Eric Dane).

Now, the women of Grey's Anatomy may have to come up with a brand-new nickname now that actor Tim Daly is on his way to Seattle Grace Hospital.

Daly, 51, best known for his role on Wings, will appear on a special two-hour episode of the ABC drama that could serve as a springboard for the much-touted spinoff series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The spinoff would star the character Addison Montgomery (played by the lovely Kate Walsh), ABC reps confirmed to People in February.

Actor Taye Diggs has also signed on to appear in the expanded episode, which is scheduled to air later this spring.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Daly's character is described in a production breakdown as "handsome, sincere, like a McDreamy."

Paul Adelstein, who plays the double-crossing Secret Service agent, Paul Kellerman on FOX's Prison Break (and who was also considered for the role of Dr. Burke, which went to Isaiah Washington) has also been cast, though it's unclear what role he will play.

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is writing the special, two-hour episode, the details of which are being kept under wraps. USA Today reports, however, that the basic gist will feature Addison mulling a new job offer.

Should the episode be warmly received and the network decide that the spinoff will go forward, Addison will most likely accept the offer.

Daly most recently starred in ABC's critically lauded drama The Nine.

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Tim Daly is one of a handful of actors that are totally underrated. He's a youthful and good looking guy. I've seen him in a few movies, one with Naomi Watts and he was rugged and the two had great on screen chemistry. They were smoldering hot! Also, a completely funny movie that never gets any attention or mention that he did with Whoopi Goldberg and Dianne Weiss was "The Associate"...if you've never seen that try to find it on DVD - its hysterical and the backdrop is NYC.


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TIM DALY IS 51?!?!?!? WOW!!


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to the first comment: hey, i'm only 19, but for 51, that man is sizzling! he's great the way he is. i fell for the guy the minute he stepped onto that elevator!


I loved "The Other Side of This Life" and will definitely watch it. Tim Daly has been a favorite since "Wings", and Taye Diggs is very appealing - would be hot if he lost the chin whiskers. I hope there will be interaction between the characters of the two shows, and look forward to see what Shonda Rhimes comes up with.


tim is totally great actor.he deserve it in grey's
anotomy.besides he's awesome actor that i ever


I think That it's about time that "older" are involved in shows that I like !!!!! LOL And I think he's a great choice (Tim Daly).


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