Grey's Spoiler Watch: Why Addison Bolts

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Another spoiler has come to light regarding how the possible Grey's Anatomy spin-off begins, and it comes from a fairly reliable source.

Kate Walsh and Eric Dane
Not that this would be difficult to predict, but according to TV Guide spy Michael Ausiello, Addison comes to the conclusion that McSteamy a looooong way away from being ready to start a family and decides to hightail it out of Seattle Grace.

Dejected, she goes to Los Angeles to meet with one of the world's foremost fertility experts.

This specialist also happens to be one of her oldest friends (one of many recently announced guest stars) and the owner of a brand new wellness center - which happens to be in the market for a neonatal surgeon.

The rest - if the ratings come through - will be history and a full season of the Kate Walsh-led series will commence in the fall.

As far as regular Grey's Anatomy goes, Kristin Veitch of E! Online reports that - are you ready for this - George and Izzie actually fall in love. Gulp.

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wow GA is awesome show. i dont think thay should go ahead with private practice.(especially beacos im fan of addison/alex)but kateWalsh is a awesom actress and i love her charecter but i really think they should keep in SGH. spin offs often suck and but this one mite prove me wrong cos off a allstar cast and im sure all the GA fans will wach


I like Addison. I don't think she should leave the show. But then again, Kate Walsh is a good actress and deserves a lead in her own show.


I don't think Addison should leave the show. I like her character on there. As for George and Izzie - I'd love to see them get together. I don't like Callie and George together, I don't really care for Callie's character, though. I think she'd be better off with Sloan.


well i think george and izzy getting together is the best moves PERIOD. the show needs to focus on that more than mcsteamy and grey. i watch the show every week and in my opion is the best show to date.


I really like Kate Walsh also. Spin offs don't often pan out, but abc is sure building a great cast around Addison. I am hoping for the the best for it. I do wish they would take Mark with them to the new show.


Although I'm not too fond of spin-offs, I do think Kate Walsh does deserve to be the center star of her own show. I think she's an amazing actress and incredibly hot. However, Spin-offs rarely do well and fans don't seem to enjoy them as much as they do the original show. For instance, I loved The X-Files, but the Lone Gunmen show didn't do it for me. And Friends was a great show as well, but Joey kinda sucked. Is that show even still on the air. Anyway, what I'm saying is I don't want Addison to leave Grey's and have her new show fail. I love her and her character and I think the spin-off idea might prove to be a mistake. But I'll watch and I hope the show proves me wrong.
And as for George and Izzie, I always wanted them to hook up, but that was before Callie was in the picture. I feel so bad for her. She's such an awesome person. This is gonna cause huge problems, or she'll follow Addie to the spin-off if and when she finds out about George and Izzie.


George & Izzie fall in love?....gross...bad move on Greys anatomy, they dont go together nor do they make a cute couple. They make nice friends..thats it. I dont like who George is becoming ( cheating husband) I used to love him...lately I dunno. Im not nuts about Izzie either. I feel for Callie. In my opinion its not the best decision to put Izzie and George changes my opinion on the still watch and I love everything else but Im not liking where this is going


ABC wants the spinoff. It's the reason because they will use GA for it (The spinoff will be two GA episodes).


"if the ratings come through" This whole talk about ratings confuses me. How can they get accurate ratings for how a spinoff will do if they're airing it as part of Grey's season? I don't support the idea of a spin off but I'm not going to boycott two of the final episodes of Grey's season because they're sneaking spin off material into it.

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