Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XLIX

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Our weekly Caption Contest always makes for an entertaining feature, giving fans the chance to flex their creative muscle and have fun.

This week was no exception! The photo below, taken from "From a Whisper to a Scream," yielded some great responses. We nearly gave the sought-after title to funkygirl4723, Mcdreamy's lover, That McBastard and Elise R., all of whom sent in terrific entries. But ultimately, our staff has decided that the venerable investigative sponge is the champion. The winning caption appears below the image. Scroll down to read the complete list of replies!

Good luck again this week! Thanks for making us the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web, and we hope you enjoy this contest!

Richard & Preston

Burke: "Colin can't stay. Not only is he ruining my engagement, he shot me in the neck."
Chief: "You'll need something better than that to get rid of him."

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Burke: I just don't know what to do about Christina... what do you think?
Chief: Are you seriously asking ME this?!?!


CHIEF:Can't I just see one boob?
BURKE:Seriously..I came here for...Seriously?


CompletelyObsessedWithGreyss-I Love That..haha I laughed right off of my chair.


CHIEF: You can't keep expecting everything to be up to your standards; we're not here for that.


Chief: For Heaven's sake, Preston! You're a doctor for so many years - and you still don't know where exactly to feel for the lymph nodes??


Chief: First hes going to stop talking with his hands, then he'll shoot you in the neck and take Cristina from you. And thats only in the first year of the plan...




cheif- Christina's baby actually was mine. You got to love one night stands :-D


Cheif- How could you have sex in the on-call room


Im sorry cheif i just dont like sliver and black balloons

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