Grey's Anatomy Spin-Off Reportedly Gets a Tentative Title: Private Practice

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The heavily anticipated Kate Walsh-led Grey's Anatomy spin off finally has a name. A tentative one, at least: Private Practice.

Grey's Anatomy Spin-Off Reportedly Gets a Tentative Title: Private Practice
According to Buddy TV, ABC unveiled the moniker for the new show at a star studded media buyers event during network development week.

ABC executives lauded the spin off's spectacular cast that in addition to Walsh, includes Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, Amy Brenneman, Chris Lowell, and numerous others.

The Grey's Anatomy spin-off is being touted for its stand alone premise that will take Kate Walsh's character out of the realm of nightmare medical emergencies and incorporated hospital trysts into a setting they think less hard core medical drama fans will appreciate.

In that sense, the proposed name for Grey's Anatomy 2.0 is quite apt.

ABC execs are quick to caution that the name of Private Practice may change, however. The two-hour episode set to sample the themes of the series will debut May 10, but don't think of it as a pilot. Grey's Anatomy is riding a high enough wave at this point that the second series is virtually a lock, whether the initial sample piques interests or not.

It has been noted, in some cases not very kindly, that the bulk of the supporting cast is made up of refugees from failing shows: Taye Diggs from Day Break, the Lost stand in that died after only three episodes; Tim Daly from The Nine, which failed to retain enough from its Lost lead-in to remain viable; and Chris Lowell from the thought-to-be-doomed Veronica Mars.

Does ABC anticipate big things from Private Practice?

The feedback from attendees was that the show is expected to quickly occupy a top spot in their fall lineup. For now, however, there is no proposed air date or time for the new series, which will premiere with the rest of ABC's new fall lineup.

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oh god i love this idea!!!!! amy from judging amy, taye diggs, kate, could you possibly have a better looking cast??? wow i hope this show last.


I'm sooooo happy for Adison and Kate Walsh! I'm sure this show will do great, everyone who sees GA will probably see this show, no matter what they say. I think it'll be great, and we all know what an amazing cast it has. The only thing that i hate is that she'll have to leave GA, she was one of my favoroit characters!
Anyway 2 shows is better then 1! Go Shonda!


PLz DONT LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i Love Addison in GA!


Yes i totally agree with this idea ! plus the actors who were in the double episode were great and one reaaaally handsome (wait... i'm not saying that he was more handsome than Patrick Dempsey... THAT's IMPOSSIBLE...) but still.. handsome, so yeah, i hope it will be broadcasted in France ! anyway, i'll find a way to see it. Please Shonda, could you just continue to make us dream 'till the end of times ? please ?


I have to admit I thought the spin-off was a horrible idea ... buuuut..
I absolutely LOVED the two hour episode introducing Private Practice.
It was so good ! I cant believe people are against this. Two is always better than one! Kate Walsh is still Addison, that means Private Practice will still inter-mingle with GA every now and then. I'm so excited. More story lines, and now it's almost like a double dose of Grey's Anatomy a week!
How could you not love this?


all those that think Kate should go back to GA: I just read an interview with Kate Walsh and she said that she is so happy to be working with a new ensemble and is excited for the spin off. She said that she doesn't know what will happen if Private Practice doesn't continue, and that she might now go back to GA. Do you really want to risk that? I mean, come on! Addison is just a character. She's barely been on GA and even so she wasn't happy. Its not like Kate Walsh is going to play a different character in Private Practice, she's STILL Addison. Kate is happy. Addison is happy. With the new show there is a wide range of possible storylines and the cast is awesome. Why would you jeprodize that? What if Kate decided not to go back to GA? Then you would totally lose Addison. I think that they should keep the new show. I hope that the ratings go up because I thoroughly enjoyed last thursday's episode. P.S- I am a big GA fan, don't get me wrong.
Can't you be both a GA fan and a Private Practice fan?


LOVE THE SPIN-OFF!! Please keep it!! Don't get me wrong, I still love watching Grey's Anatomy and I will continue to watch it but I really felt that Kate Walsh wasn't getting enough screen time and Addison is such a cool character, so it makes me excited that there will be a show dedicated to her. Keep it coming!


The Other Side of This Life was the 2nd time I watched Greys Anatomy. I am now a fan. I loved the characters in California so much. I was hoping it would spin off. Please spin.


I loved the show last night!! I was thinking to myself that it would make a kick ass spin off!! Guess I was the last to know lol. I am a HUGE fan of Taye Diggs and his wife Idina Menzel and I hope that this show does aire because I want him to bounce back onto the screen. I love Kate Walsh and I think the move would be good for Addison but if she did move, I doubt that Grey's Anatomy would be completely out of the picture.


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