Isaiah Washington Won't Submit His Name For Emmy Awards Consideration

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Isaiah Washington Won't Submit His Name For Emmy Awards Consideration
Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington will not be submitting his name for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor Emmy consideration, Entertainment Weekly reports.

No reason for his decision has been reported, but this doesn't come as a shock.

Meanwhile, all the other Grey's Anatomy stars, besides stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, who are going for Best Actress and Actor, respectively are submitting in the Best Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress categories.

While he is certainly worthy of Best Actor or Supporting Actor honors, Washington probably wishes to remain out of the award-show spotlight, given the controversy he sparked in recent months. Which is probably a wise move, as his remarks about T.R. Knight would likely cloud his accomplishments.

Hopefully, he'll get the recognition he deserves next season, when all this has blown over and his fine work on Grey's Anatomy will once again be the focus.

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i think people should get over the f___ incident. Isaiah made a mistake and im sure he's suffering the consequences even up to now. what he did was horrible but as a wise man once said, those of you without sin, may cast the first stone. Isaiah is a very good actor. it will be the show's loss if they let him go.


I hope he wont leave,, he's certainly one of the best things in the show, and seeing how the show has gone now.. well,, BURKE STAYS!


Um TR and Katherine never joked about Isaiah. Them laughing at Justin Long's joke is the same as the entire cast laughing at Chandra's Wilson joke at the SAG Awards.


Not sure who Amerie's comment is directed at, but Isaiah Washington certainly isn't one. I agree completely with Bayfront. Isaiah's time will come. He is too talented and too good a human being for this one mistake to hang over his career for too long. I am very sorry that he isn't submitting a tape for this year's consideration, but respect his decision and remain hopeful for next year.


a**hole -_-


Hiegel and Knight mockingly discussing any co-star reflect on their utter lack of finesse and grace. You cannot object to misbehavior and misbehave. That said, I wish Isaiah, has learned valuable lessons from ths incident, and hope that this will make him a better person. His time will come for his incredible talent to be recognized and respected. To withdraw from the Emmy is a consciencious move, I respect him for it and whoeve advised him to do it. There will be other award winning bodies.


I agree with those who said he should have been considered. I am so sorry that he felt it was in the best interest of everyone that he not try. Some of his scenes this season were emmy worthy. But, with all of the bad publicity since the Golden Globes, he probably just wants to stay out of the spotlight and potential media fire. Even when he doesn't go to these events people are taking pot shots at him and Katherine and TR are laughing about it. I still find that deplorable. In answer to one of the previous questions, Ellen and Patrick's submissions will go into the lead actor and actress category. The rest were submitted in supporting categories.


ITA, he as done a fabulous job this seaon, his talents should be rewarded. I, too, didn't realize that they submitted their own names. In fact, I heard that all the others submitted their names, which is funny. I like everyone on the show, but they are not all good actors. Seriously! If they lose IW, the show won't be the same, and will start to lose fans.

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