Spencer Pratt: The Complete Bio

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Heidi Montag and Pratt
Spencer Pratt.

You either love him or hate him.

Check that. There's no way you love this guy, and if you're like us here at the Scoop, you can barely tolerate him during an episode of The Hills. But nevertheless, we're intrigued by this emerging reality TV star and decided to do some research and learn a little more about him.

After all, having Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner as his dad and music powerhouse David Foster as his stepfather, the amazing Brody Jenner has dubiously anointed Spencer Pratt as his "manager."

So who the hell is Spencer Pratt? Here's what we know...

-- Similar to the likes of Paris Hilton, the dude is famous strictly by association, yet seems to parlayed that into a rather lucrative career... or at least one that's headed that way.

-- He was first featured in the reality show The Princes of Malibu, which followed the Jenner kids (Brody and his brother, Brandon Jenner) as well as their tag-along buddy, Spencer, as they do nothing all day except occasionally bother David Foster and his superstar clients.

-- He's now on the Laguna Beach spin-off series, The Hills, having weaseled onto the show and into our homes every Monday night by getting into the pants of one of its leading ladies, Heidi Montag. She's hot... even before the fake boobs.

-- Spencer has reportedly been negged from every hot club in Greater L.A., except Area, where girlfriend Heidi pulls stings to get him in. Heidi Montag works (as Hills fans may recall) for Brent Bolthouse, who's the promoter of the venue.

-- Spencer Pratt's father is a famous L.A. dentist. Hey, those guys make a hell of a lot of money.

-- He has a cameo in Kevin Federline's new video. However, we aren't sure which video it is. If you know, please leave us a comment so that we may find the clip on YouTube and post it for all to ridicule enjoy.

-- Spencer's quote-unquote management company, Innovator Management, has about four clients, though it's tough to tell as most of Pratt's "companies" have MySpace pages without any other Web presence.

-- The clients of this "company" are, shockingly, Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag (who is recording an album soon under Spencer's guidance - should be a dandy), David Foster and The Princes of Malibu DVD.

-- Spencer is Vice President of Archangel L.A., a company which appears to make silver jewelry that retails at two stores in Los Angeles. The goods are not yet available for purchase (or look at) online.

-- The reality TV star also has his (slimy) hands in the music biz, working for 143 Records (David Foster's label for Atlantic), and the nebulous Precise Music Group, which has one artist, YaBoy, a rapper on the L.A. underground scene.

-- Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner are both "VPs of 310 Creative," a company that animates Web graphics and designs celebrity websites. Among the "clients" are Nicole Richie, David Foster, Ya Boy, and Korn.

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After watching the 1st episode of "Celebrity" and if I have to hear one more time.."Sorry, I'm only used to 5 star...lol...He's wacked and a no-body...What makes him think he's the king of America...lmao...I had to google this ass to see who he is...lol..He'll never be famous and Heidi ...blonde...ouch...


What a spoiled little brat Spencer is. If his daddy didn't give him money for his little endevours, he wouldn't have a pot to piss in.


Oh MY GOD!!! He is horrible! Spoiled rotten ignorant idiots. I can't believe people would ever watch them. Super celebrity my _ _ _! I can't beleive what I heard from them on I'm a celebrity get me out of here and I had to look up who they were.


Spencer Pratt is not a celebrity he is a loser who... he said that he is to big of a celebrity and to rich. when he gets old or in a couple years when there marriage goes down the drain no one is gonna like him.... SPENCER IS A LOSER!!!


What a Faggot. He should buy a watch with that only shows 15 minutes on it. His 15 minutes is over. Hope John Sally kicks his ass. Fuck the dumb ass cunt of a wife as well. Hope her awful hair falls out.


This is the only douche bag so narcissistic that he actually prays to God for things HE needs. Doesn't he know that he can only pray for God's will to be done? Go get yer learn on son! Sunday school is calling!! What's with all the histrionic behavior? Where did he learn all that? Daddy too busy playing dentist and didn't hug him enough? Neglected? Molested? He acts like most of the kids in juvenile hall; boasting, delusional behavior, multiple personality disorders, inappropriate outbursts, false sense of power, misplaced priorities, false perspective... the guy is a mess. Somebody should call child welfare services and have his parents arrested for exploitation. Seriously. This guy will end up like Britney, Steve-O, Chris Brown, etc. He is Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern all rolled into one pathetic character. Not wild and crazy. Not deep. Not mysterious or misunderstood. Not even hated. He is a textbook example of so many personality disorders already studied and categorized. Seen it all before. Totally transparent and predictable. Just sad and ultimately forgotten.




I just started to watch the reality Celeb show. I know nothing about Heidi & Spencer other than their "fake marriage", nor do I care too. Celebs that act/behave like that are a total turn off. While just watching the Celb show I am about 15 minutes or so into it & already am quite disappointed with Spencer & Heidi. I didn't know much about them prior to the show but what I did know wasn't very appealing. So I figured maybe there is some positives there with them that I may like/admire. WRONG! With Heidi & Spencer expressing their desire to leave to the hire ups I found that completely tastelss. Not the fact that they wanted to leave or the conditions/ they were about to experience but Spencers pure lack of class. Who is he to judge anyone? To put down the others that were there for the same reasons to help charity. Him judging others on their fame or lack of and basically him being far more superiour than everyone else there. That is just such a huge turn off, tasteless and just really makes me angry. He needs to step down off his pedestal and get a grip. He is no different than the rest of the world. Yes he may have plenty of money and "some" fame to a certain extent but thats it. He lacks personality, class, compassion and isn't as appealing on the outside as he may think. He signed up for this and yes many will agree the situation is not the most appealing. As we all will realize it will be tough and something the majority of the world isn't used to. But to quit when they get to camp? Can they possibly give it a chance as they are playing for a good cause? And to say they picked a "larger charity" b/c of that reason is again taste less. A charity is a charity period. In my opinion in the "real perfect world" there shouldn't even be a charity. Charities are there to help people in times of need whether temporary or long term. There are those who constantly need help throughout their lives. They don't have the things Spencer & Heidi have. I think this would be a good experience for them to not take things for granted & stop being such snobs! They fortunately for them were put into a good spot at this point in their lives. Not sure on Heidi but from the sounds of things money has not been a problem for Spencer throughout his life. But get a grip, don't be such a snob and give it a chance like the rest. None of the other people I am sure are pleased with the situation but they are all giving it a go. Heidi & Spencer are the youngest of the group and I think that is part of their problem as they are child snobs. Enough said as this irritates me to know end how thoughtless some can be. Where you are able to do some good & make a difference in someones lif just deal with it! Then you can go back to your cushy little lives.


Wow! What a douche bag you are - and Heidi is a douche bad recipient! Get a fucking life!


The only thing worth watching of Pratt's is his airhead wife...fake boobs and all.