Antonella Barba and Blake Lewis: American Idol Love Connection

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There was talk that Chris Richardson was dating former contestant Alaina Alexander.

Now, here's a fresh American Idol rumor making the rounds: Is Blake Lewis going out with a certain, scantily clad singer from earlier this season?

During last week's show, featuring Bon Jovi, Antonella Barba sat in the audience. She remained quiet for most of the evening, until the end when cameras caught her and Blake making a romantic exchange. Here's what happened:

Blake blew a kiss to this lovely young lady. In return, she blew one his way, Lewis caught it and put it close to his heart.

Blake and Antonella?

This could mean almost anything, of course. But it's fun to speculate, isn't it? Do you think these two would make a good couple?

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Hope not. I like Blake but can't stand antonella.


lol. Im sure it was just a friendly exchange. He's too short for her!


ew. god, i hope not.


NOOO!!! NOT TRUE! CANNOT BE TRUE! I'm like, a huge huge blake fan and I know that my man would not like that little slut(no offense). So this stupid rumor better not be true!! After all, Blake wiped Lakisha's tears and they're not going out. Blake is just such a sweetheart!!!