Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LIV

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After week, another Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest in the books. It was tough, as always, to pick a winner. But we've done it.

The picture below, taken from the much talked-about "The Other Side of This Life," inspired some great replies, such as those sent in by itsallaboutgrey, rentaholic07, McPsyched and McFanatic.

Ultimately, though, we went with Kenyatta W. Not every week do the worlds of Grey's Anatomy spin-offs and Justin Timberlake combine. Congrats!

The winning caption appears below the picture, and you can scroll down to read the full list of entries. Good luck again this week, and thank you all for helping making us the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web.

This week's Caption Contest winner:

Addison and Friends

Addison: "That guy is young enough to be Justin Timberlake..."
Naomi: "Well â€" he is definitely bringing sexy back."
Violet: "Yeah, those older guys don't know how to act."
Naomi: "Take it to the bridge."

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Addison: hey you know, maybe I should consider moving here, it's so much more sunny than Seattle..... maybe I could even give marriage another try..... unless.... wait..... are there any interns here?
Naomi: Nope
Addison: good. I'll find a McSomething, marry him, and there will be no Meredith Grey's to steal him. I love California already.


Naomi: He is a bad mother… Addie: Shut your mouth Naomi: I'm just talking about his shaft Violet: Then we can dig it!


Addie: That guy is young enough to be Justin Timberlake Naomi: Wellâ€"he is definitely bringing sexy back. Violet: Yeah, those older guys don't know how to act. Naomi: Take it to the bridge.


Naomi: Violet didnt you say earlier that Addi's bag was ugly and that it looked like its made of plastic?? Violet: hahahhaah yeah Addison: It kind of does! ahahah!


Addison:(psssst) I think that the girl behind us is eavesdropping! She hasn't flipped a page in that magazine! Violet: (clears throat loudly) So, is it true what they say about black men, Naomi? Naomi: (chuckle)


addie: naomi what are you reading?
naomi: its a nude of some guy named mr. mcrdreamy.
violet: he's my idol..i have his poster on my wall
addie: woops i cheated on him...not so funny anymore.


Addison: Seriously? You want me to move my whole life down here. Here? I'm missing my ex-husband and his perfect 12 year old, my e-husbands ex- best friend whom i slept with while we were still married... twice. and lets not forget about the angry yet overly hot first year intern with problems for authority and commitment issues. Naomi: Uh.. yea. Addison: Well... okay, but first I have to go back and screw my manwhore one last time.


Addison: California here I come.... Naomi: Told you so.


Naomi: See? Isn't group much more fun when you do it with friends?? Less productive perhaps, but much more fun.


Naomi: the Date Doctor can answer your questions. Violet: why the hell is alan married? Naomi: (looks at magazine) umm. thats not on here. next question. Addison: To do Pete, or NOT to do Pete...

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When we say things like "people don't change" it drives scientist crazy because change is literally the only constant in all of science. Energy. Matter. It's always changing, morphing, merging, growing, dying. It's the way people try not to change that's unnatural. The way we cling to what things were instead of letting things be what they are. The way we cling to old memories instead of forming new ones. The way we insist on believing despite every scientific indication that anything in this lifetime is permanent. Change is constant. How we experience change that's up to us. It can feel like death or it can feel like a second chance at life. If we open our fingers, loosen our grips, go with it, it can feel like pure adrenaline. Like at any moment we can have another chance at life. Like at any moment, we can be born all over again.


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