Katherine Heigl Visits the Today Show

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The lovely Katherine Heigl is making the talk show rounds.

The terrific Grey's Anatomy actress and her Knocked Up co-star, Seth Rogen, were interviewed on the Today Show on Monday. After the cameras stopped rolling, they continued to chat to MSNBC about the movie, the high expectations surrounding it and their current projects...

The Stars of Knocked Up

Q: The movie is getting great reviews. It's being called this summer's version of Wedding Crashers or The 40-Year-Old Virgin. How does that kind of buzz make you guys feel?

Katherine Heigl: It feels pretty good!

Seth Rogen: It makes me angry!! [laughs]

Katherine Heigl: Well there's a lot of pressure I think. Because you're just always afraid that if it's built up so much, then what if it doesn't do what everyone expects it to do.

Seth Rogen: Yeah that's true. I hadn't even thought of that until now. That sucks. Why'd you say that? I felt no pressure before! [both laugh]

Q: Well Seth, you've done a movie about virginity [The 40-Year-Old Virgin], and now you're doing one about getting people knocked up. Is there a sweet family comedy in your future, or what?

Seth Rogen: Well I figured what's next is babies! I can't imagine what else.

Katherine Heigl: Next will be like Look Who's Talking 5, right?

Seth Rogen: Exactly. Maybe I'll be the voice of a hamster... Yeah, I don't know. We might jump straight to death next.

Katherine Heigl: Yeah. Cut right to the chase.

Q: So what's next for you guys? Katherine, I know you're filming another movie this summer, right?

Katherine Heigl: Yes. It's called 27 Dresses and it's a lovely romantic comedy... not nearly as raunchy as this one.

Seth Rogen: Oh no! Well that's up to you!

Katherine Heigl: I know! There goes all the fun right? I wish it were up to me! Trust me!

Q: What about you Seth. What else is up with you?

Seth Rogen: I've got Superbad coming out in August, which I co-wrote and I'm in as well, and Judd Apatow [writer and producer of The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up] produced it. And we just finished shooting The Pineapple Express which comes out the summer of next year.

We're looking forward to seeing our girl on film. For more on Katherine Heigl and Knocked Up, check out our video section.

Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at Knocked Up, narrated by Heigl, and be sure to watch the official movie trailer!

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yeah it seems katherine is really putting herself out there, everyday you hear about something new she's doing. it's pretty great though, i love her. and i cannot wait to see knocked up, me and my brother always laugh our asses off at the commercials. especially when that guy goes in when katherine's character is giving birth and she yells at him to get out LOOL and he goes back to the waiting room and says i shouldn't have gone in there with a traumatized look on his face LOL!


Katherine looks happy! Good for her, she has deserved, coming this far! Especialy when one cosinders how realtivly young she still is, and despite that she has accoplished quite a lot! So good for her, I hope the movie does well!


I don't think it's a bad or good thing either. It's just how they are. Some actors/actresses are far more extroverted(sp I know I spelled it wrong), and some are still very much the introvert. What I don't like is that many clique fanbases try to put a negative spin on the actors being that way. They are who they are. Plus I think the more busy actors. The ones that does the movies, racing, broadway, and red carpet events will be more in the spotlight since they are doing other things outside of the show. They don't want to pigeonholed per sa that leaves them just with a show and nothing else. Needless to say I am looking forward to Knocked Up. It's getting very positive reviews, and I rarely seen a negative one yet. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the way people are labeling it's a chick flick and male flick in one. That it had more heart than the 40 Year Old Virgin did.


yeh first comment! anyway back to biz, it seems to me katherine,patrick, T.R Knight,burke and kate love being in the spot light a lot, while sandra oh, justin chambers and ellen pompeo like keeping it low. Even their interviews seem different, however, i may be wrong and dont get me wrong its not a bad thing, just something i noticed thats all.


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