Patrick Dempsey On the Set of His New Movie, "Made of Honor"

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On Wednesday, Patrick Dempsey, a.k.a. Derek Shepherd, checked out of Seattle Grace temporarily to film his forthcoming romantic comedy, Made of Honor, on a Los Angeles movie set.

Made of Honor tells the story of a guy in love with an engaged woman tries to win her over after she asks him to be her maid of honor.

Patrick Dempsey, who will drive the pace car at this month's Indianapolis 500, strolled between his trailer and the film set with a cup of coffee and shot scenes with his co-stars (a couple of lucky females).

Patrick Dempsey On the Set of His New Movie, "Made of Honor"
Patrick Dempsey is
Patrick Dempsey On the Set of His New Movie, "Made of Honor" 1
Patrick Dempsey on the set of

Click to enlarge these pictures of Patrick on the set. Looks like Dempsey sure is McDreamy both on and off the Grey's Anatomy set - not that we're new here. He was named one of the world's most beautiful, after all.

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i absolutely love patrick dempsey and i am lookin
forward to seeing the movie and i will probably when it is out get the dvd and i hope when i am older i get the chance to meet him


my cousin is a waiter in his new movie


hey superstar person ya u spellen grey wrong and you happen to be on Grey's Anatomy insider adn u spelled it gray that awful omg!!!


Wish it was Ellen & Patrick. Like Chemistry said. It's something special between them: )
HOPE (as many of you) tht ellen and PD will do a movie togeher, cause in greys they will maybe not be a couple anymore: ( HOPE that's not true, but that's what i've heard: ( : (


i love him so much i really adore him, i even did a friendster about him here just add it if u like




It's just some kind of chemistry between those two. They just look sooooo good together. About the grey hair...what do you think about Patrick's looks in the picture bottom right. I think he looks kinda young....and definitly sweet.....


What is it with that look him and Ellen share. IM sorry but it does not matter if he is with his wife or another costar him and Ellen just have something that can't always be explained. To me it's just special between them.


he's starting to look like john travolta :|


It sounds kind of cute like a cross between the Wedding Planner and My Best Friend's Wedding.


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Meredith (closing voiceover)

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