Simon Cowell Comments on Blake, Jordin

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Let's get right down to it: Who does Simon Cowell think will be named American Idol this week?

The answer? Well, he just doesn't know.

"I can't call it at this stage," Cowell told reporters on a conference call. "For Blake Lewis, he's a brilliant entertainer, but the negative is he's not a fantastic singer. The advantage for Jordin is she is a great singer and the negative is she hasn't done one performance yet which I can remember as a 'wow.'"

Cowell also said he was amused by the long run of Sanjaya Malakar, a contestant known for extreme hairstyles and mediocre singing.

"The whole Sanjaya thing was hysterical," said Cowell, who once threatened to quit if Malakar won. "I don't think I'd be happy if he was in the final, but looking back I think it was quite amusing."

Cowell added it was "unfair" that contestant Melinda Doolittle was eliminated from the show this week.

"When you allow the public to choose, you've got to live and die by the vote," he said.

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While Jordin and Blake are quite talented,it is Melinda who is the better singer(BY FAR!!!) of the 3 of them.It has nothing to do with talent it has to do with the age.Melinda was quite a bit older than the both of them.They got the " youth vote".I think if more American's voted,especially people 30 and up it would have been a different story.
I totally agree with Cowell.He was totally right about Melinda.
She is going to go far in the music buisness.


I agree with you about Melinda Doolittle. It was unfair that the consumate performer, Melinda Doolittle, was eliminated by "the public opinion" when she was clearly the outstanding talent this year. I was shocked. I couldn't watch the last two American Idol performances because I was disillusioned. Perhaps a new form of review of the talent should be addressed so that the "real talent" can be "crowned" on American Idol. I hope that Melinda will be given her place in the sun so that her fans can continue to enjoy her fine talent. I am grateful that you recognized her talent.
Thanks, Cindy


I think that Simon is always dead on with his comments. As a fellow Brit, I completely understand how he speaks to people that is just the way we are, very to the point honest and no holds barred. Keep up the good work Simon. :>)


Check out blake in his audition.