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Earlier this month, ABC officially added Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off starring Kate Walsh, to its fall lineup.

As die-hard fans of Grey's Anatomy, we too will be following Walsh's character, Addison Montgomery, as she travels to California in search of a new life.

The Insider strives to be the ultimate online source for all things Private Practice - quotes, pictures, news and discussion. We hope you'll visit us often as this exciting new series nears its debut.

We welcome you with a picture of the Private Practice cast...

The Private Practice Cast

From left to right: Taye Diggs (Sam), Merrin Dungey (Naomi), Tim Daly (Pete), Kate Walsh (Addison), Amy Brenneman (Violet), Paul Adelstein (Cooper) and Chris Lowell (Dell).

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Oh! I'm Not happy that Addison leaves Grey's Anatomy. I love Kate Walsh!! <3


slt tout le monde je veux juste te dit pour moi le mieure reole de prison braek c peul kalermene merci


i LOVE kate walsh, and i was really sad that she left grey's. oh well. i hope this does well for her


yup it's amusing that kate's standing in the middle, in front of all the other actors, hand on hip, full of authority - it's a far cry from back in the days when she wasnt even on the grey's anatomy poster - anyone seen that amusing clip of her hosting a set tour? LOL


I love Kate Walsh too … she is awesome too... but the question is will the "private practice" become as famous as Greys anatomy... ??? maybe for the first few episodes or first season it might get a lot of attention. but there is a possibility that private practice will not be as famous as greys anatomy. i love to Addison in greys anatomy.. im not sure if i will love the Addison in private practice.. im not sure...
but lets see.. if its good then great.... if not ....???!!!!!##@@@


wait, kate's leaving greys?!!! oh, nooooo. =[ i thought she would stay on....


Oh and I think it sooooo funny how Kate is in front of everyone else....she takes such an authority. I love how she puts her hand on her hip!! It is really fun. GO KATE!!!


I love Kate Walsh...she is awesome!!! She is my favorite actress and I am so excited about Private Practice!!! I am going to miss her on Grey's but I will support her!!! She is the best!!!


Private Practice Quotes

Having a conscience is brutal.


Lucas's mom is amazing.


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