American Idols on the Charts

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American Idols past and present make up 7% (or 14) of the top 200 digital songs. Thanks to USA Today for this report of last week's ranking versus this week's:

  • 12-7 last week Kelly Clarkson/Never Again (58,000; 512,000 total): This underperforming single has probably done best in the download realm; half a million is a solid total. Radio has not been so fond of it, and it's been on the decline for a few weeks now, even before the album emerges.
  • 15-8  Daughtry/Home (49,000; 718,000 total): Drops 24% and out of the top 10.
  • 18-17  Carrie Underwood/Before He Cheats (45,000; 1.43 million total): The Carrie song that even people who hate country like; also, the Carrie song that even people who don't know American Idol like. There's something about bashing a car with a baseball bat that must appeal to all Americans.
  • 29-25  Elliott Yamin/Wait for You (32,000; 213,000 total): Elliott sells 2% more downloads than the previous week, but takes an unlucky downward chart bounce.
  • 39-9  Blake Lewis/You Give Love a Bad Name (25,000; 156,000 total): In the last three chart weeks, Jordin's This Is My Now won the first showdown with Blake, 74,000 to 70,000 and No. 9 to No. 11. Blake flipped the switch last week, winning the sales battle 60,000 to 54,000 and the chart war 9 to 14. This week they both nosedive, though Blake is still outselling Jordin.
  • 49-14  Jordin Sparks/This Is My Now (20,000; 148,000 total): Drops 63% from last week (Blake dropped 58%, by the way). We wonder when (or if) they'll release it as a single in traditional trophy song fashion. It would certainly be able to outsell Mandisa.
  • 112-124  Bucky Covington/Different World (8,600; 74,000 total): Finally, an upward-moving Idol track.
  • 123-138  Fantasia Barrino/When I See U (8,100; 65,000 total): Fairly modest sales considering its radio success. But it's still trending upward.
  • 143-102  Katharine McPhee/Over It (7,200; 441,000 total): Severe (30%) drop in downloads, but the song is still well ahead of the album.
  • 151-166  Kellie Pickler/I Wonder (6,900; 81,000 total): Slight (2%) gain in sales

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Astarte piggish airlocks raise universal adulating overworks..


When are you going to show the Idol sales charts again? You used to do that and now you don't. Just curious about Taylor's sales and if Chris is at 3 million yet.