Clay Aiken Fans at Odds Over Singer's Sexuality

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There's a civil war among the Claymates in Claynation.

Gay or Straight?
The rabid fans of Clay Aiken - who call themselves "Claymates" and say they live in "Claynation" - are at odds with each other over their former Idol. An insider told The New York Post:

"The war is between the batty members that are still clinging to their heterosexual fantasies of him and others that don't harbor such illusions."

Aiken's sexuality has been a subject of speculation ever since several men came out publicly and said they'd met him in gay chat rooms and had relations with him. Aiken has always refused to discuss his inclinations.

The Claymates' clash got so bad that the Official Fan Club at completely suspended its message board and noted:"Due to reports of extensive unrest and disrespect amongst members that has been carrying on for several weeks, the Official Fan Club Message Board will be shut down until further notice. Please note that should tensions continue on other areas of the fan club, severe consequences may occur."

Wow. What do you guys think? Please keep all responses clean.

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Just to clear something up in case you all forgot what Clay said: QUOTE
"One thing I've found of people in the public eye," Aiken says, "either you're a womanizer or you've got to be gay. Since I'm neither one of those, people are completely concerned about me. They're like, 'What are you then?' I'm sure it has to do with being raised by women. I wouldn't want somebody gawking at my mom and grabbing her butt and catcalling at her, trying to hook up with her at a bar. I'm not saying I'm not going to look. Hello! But you know what I mean?"


It's pretty sad when Clay's own so-called fans start fighting amongst themselves. Clay is SO not about that kind of thing. The only things that should be discussed on his own fan-site is his talents, of which there are many. Obviously the arguments as usual are between the moderators trying to better each other. His sexuality isn't even an issue.


I was there reading as it happened. The board meltdown was because the mods had allowed links to tabloids. This is against the TOU. The posters went balistic. It was NEVER about his sexuality. I feel sorry for the board fans. They are powerless to deal with mods who are pretty pathetic. The thread where it all happened should have been closed for going off topic by page 2. Instead, the mods watched and let it go for 100 plus pages. Did nothing. A mod should mod. Instead it was a mod who posted the entire article from the tabloid. Clay blogs and says "ignore." Hard to do that, Clay, when your own mods bread the rules and refuse to do the job.


It shouldn't matter if he is gay or straight. He is a great guy who is trying to do good things with his celebrity. Too much importance is being placed on his sexuality.


Hi, I agree with anonymous in what I heard from several members in the fan club. All I can say is ingore this article because Clay said in his blog to ingore all of junk about him so that is what I'm doing about this article ingore it.


Between the stalkers and the tabloids the lies just keep flying . Clay Aiken doesn't stand a chance . Can someone please do some actual ... you know ... fact finding before they spread this mess ? No of course not . It is so much more fun to smear celebrities . After all they are not actual people with feelings are they ?


I'm sure that whoever brought that article onto the message board is HARDLY a Clay Aiken fan, just a pathetic person looking to start trouble. And I dont think this article is making things any better. I could have sworn that Clay said in an interview that he wasnt gay....hmmm...I guess hearing it out of his own mouth still doesnt satisfy you people. GIVE IT A REST!!!


The conflict was NOT over the questioning of his sexuality but, in fact, over a particular article from a tabloid that was brought over to the message board which is in direct violation of the TOU's. Mr Aiken himself made sure the message board was put back up, which it was first thing Monday morning. As usual, the entire thing has been blown way out of proportion. You people just don't quit, do you?