Fashion Face-Off: Kate Walsh, Marcia Cross

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Who wore it better? That's up to you to decide. Kate Walsh wore Thread Social's silk georgette dress to a political fund raiser for Barack Obama (an event she attended with fiance Alex Young) in L.A., while Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross headed out with it in Malibu, Calif.

Kate Walsh, Marcia Cross

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Marcia Cross looks better, because it really makes her look good.


Well, Marcia is 48 and kate is? i don't know, younger! Avtually, i don't think any of them looks good in this "dress", so i have to jugde after.. something else! Marcia act in Desperate Housewives, so i chose Marcia :-)


I prefer him as wearing KATE


Marcia Cross chose the right color for a sunny day out. However, Kate Walsh carries herself more elegantly. Furthermore, silk georgette is far better for an evening social than a day out in the sun.


yellow looks best on dark skin. plus, u need long long slim tan legs to pull a sack dress like that off, which is why kate looks uber hot in it!


I think Kate Walsh wears it better. Yellow makes pale skin look washed out, and on the second woman wearing yellow, ESPECIALLY yellow in bright sun does NOT suit her! Kate looks beautiful with that tan, it's a very flattering color and cut for her. :)


I think Kate Walsh looks better, she is more tanned and the other chick is pure ugly, my opinion anywho.


ooh, yellow. not the best color ive seen on either of them. still, i love both of them no matter what. ~Kaz


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