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Kate Walsh: Beautiful Bride in Training?

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If, like us, you thought Kate Walsh looked great in a white Catherine Malandrino dress a few weeks ago, we'd have to agree.

If you thought the similar Jay Godfrey dress on the blue carpet at the Fantastic Four opening in London was also a hit, well, we would be in agreement there as well.

But the floor-length David Salomon gown the Private Practice star wore last week at the Women in Film Crystal and Lucy Awards sealed the deal for us.

The ex- Grey's Anatomy doctor looks so good in white, there's no doubt she'll make a beautiful bride when she walks down the aisle with Alex Young!

Kate Walsh: A Lady in White

Which outfit of Kate's do you like best?

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anytime! :D


thanks for the support isobel!!!!!!!!!!!


I realy love Katherin Walsh.She is so beautiful!She's my idol for woman!I don't beliave there is woman mre cool,beautiful & sexy from her.And of course i love Addison Shepherd too.She is beautiful surgeon and gorgeous wife,acsept that she slept with Mark Sloan of course.If there is someone else who's thinking like me,write me on e-mail or to skype: kate_walsh_25.Bye now


omg, Haley i'm so pissed too! addison rox!!
i gonna miss her sooooooo much! :(
oh and by the way, kate looks AMAZING in the last photo. that hairstyle is so cute!! Ha ha Isaiah. you deserved it. maybe next time you should shut you're big ass mouth and get a life.


sorry i forgot to say s0mthin
Kate's hair looks great in the last one!!! who here is soooo pissed that she is leaving!!!!i am, and who does isaiha think he is! "they fired the wrong guy" who were they supposed to fire then??


I love the last one on her. :)


OMG i hate the middle one!! i absolutely LOVE the last one! but guys really when doesnt kate look hot


I love the one in the middle


really?! i love them all, but im caught between the first and last :] who else here wishes they were as beautiful as kate?!

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