Kate Walsh Talks Private Practice

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With a wedding to plan and her new Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Kate Walsh has a lot on her plate. Us Weekly caught up with Walsh and chatted with her about departing Seattle Grace for a new, different and Private Practice.

Kate Walsh is Outta Here!
Us: Was it difficult to leave Grey's Anatomy?
Kate Walsh: It was. But at the same time, it's such an amazing opportunity. I definitely miss my pals, but I see them socially. And I'm so excited that Grey's Anatomy got nominated for an Emmy again this year... it's just amazing. But it felt like a natural time for Addison to move on. What else could she do at Seattle Grace, really?

Us: Are you still in touch with Grey's Anatomy cast members?
Kate Walsh: I just saw them. Sara Ramirez, T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers. I had a nice little drink the other night to celebrate the Emmy nominations. It was great to see them.

Us: Any chance we'll see their characters on Private Practice?
Kate Walsh: I don't know. We haven't had any indication of that. I'm sure they'll do some kind of crossover at some point and have somebody visit. Right now, it's so new it's all about getting the show on the air and established, and getting people invested in these new characters.

Us: How will Private Practice differ from Grey's Anatomy?
Kate Walsh: There is the same recipe of comedy and drama in the show. But there is definitely more humor, I think. The thing about Addison is that she's off balance. There's innate humor in seeing someone taken out of their environment and dropped in a place even a proficient professional freaks out.

Us: Did you take any vacation before you returned to work?
Kate Walsh: I did. I went all over. I was in Mexico. I was outside of Cancun on the Caribbean side. I went to London and Toronto. Napa. Bora Bora.

Us: Bora Bora! Did your fiance, Alex Young, go with you?
Kate Walsh: Oh yes, he did! I did once go to a balmy island alone, and it was the biggest mistake ever. It's like, "What an amazing sunset, huh?" [Turns jokingly and sees there no one next to her] Don't go to Bora Bora. If you want to go somewhere alone, go to India and have an epiphany. We had a great time.

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Good Luck Kate! I will be sure to tune in....Oh yeah, by the way, your boobs look huge in this pic! Does anyone else notice that or is it just my McNastiness coming out?


Gahhh! I LOVE HER. The greatest actress ever. I'm so jealous of her. She's got the best hair too. She should seriously win an award for it.


Shepherd??!!! They divorced! Goodbye Addison!


I am really going to miss addison forbes montgomery shephard!


Good luck Kate. Wishing you the best


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yeah kate!! I can't wait for the new show!! you all should check out private practice insider!!! its great


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