Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXVIII

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It's time for another edition of our weekly Monday tradition - the Caption Contest, now in its 68th iteration. Let's get down to business!

We loved a lot of entries, such as those submitted by Kim and Kate Fan (the tie-in to Addison leaving for her own Private Practice in particular). But in the end, we opted for the simplicity of Graham Lunn's caption, as it seemed to sum up the nature of Alex Karev... at least the old Alex Karev.

Congrats! The winning entry appears below, under the image. Scroll down the page for the complete list of entries we received for this caption.

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Mer, Cristina, Alex

"Okay, let me try it out. If I tilt my head to the left, and look cute, does it make girls stare at me?"

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Alex: I'm sorry girls, Rock star Izzie Stevens is not giving out autographs today... Christina: You don't understand; we are her biggest fans! My friend here pulled tried to pull off one of Izzie's bad hair day hairdos! Alex: What do you mean by tried?


Alex- I think derek is gonna start sleeping with lexi Cristina- ohh you better run before she accidentally pushes you and you trip into the water.


mer: you slept with my sister!?! christina:technically she's you HALF sister.. Mer: (to christina) Whatever.(to Alex) you slept with my sister--half sister?!!? Alex: yeah, so what? Mer: Seriously! Alex: you've said that wordsomany times it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. Christina: (mutters) Evilspawn.... Meredith: (shocked/disgusted) Uggh...errk... Alex: Go have a 'near death whatever,' this time it won't be such a big deal...


Meredith: "McBarWhore did what?" Christina: "You better be kidding, Evil Spawn." Alex: "Yeah, he was buying her like the whole bottle of tequila, practically -- he must be confused and think she's you, Mer. Oh, and watch out, Izzie's trying to put the 'everything's going to be fine, it isn't what it looks like' spin on it, so... " Meredith: "Unfreakin' believable." Christina: "Where's Burke and his stupid cake when I need them?"


Alex: So, Christina didn't marry Burke, Mer dumped Shephard and Ava left with her husband. Anybody in the mood for threesome? The oncall room is vacant.


Alex: Guys listen, I have free time now. Whose beast needs to be fed? Mer & Christina: Whaaat?


Mer and Cristina (sing songy voice): Ava and Alex sitting in a tree... hope she doesnt fall again and lose her memory... Alex: Yeah... and if was you... First came almost drowning and then for you then came getting dumped on your wedding day! Cristina: Low blow man. Low blow.


Alex: Hey guys, me and Ava are getting married. Mer: Seriously? Christina: Well.. if your doing that so u could get into izzies pants..u totally rock dude! She digs her married friends. Mer: Christina! Christina: What? Oh sorry Mer. I meant, her married 'guy' friends. Nop, not u and I Mer, don't worry.


"Do we look like chiropractors to you? Go find some nurse to give you a massage."


Alex :(to christina) mc burke dumped you!
Alex:(to meredith) mc drowns in lakes!
Christina and meredith:( to alex) mc ava!

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