Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXVIII

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It's time for another edition of our weekly Monday tradition - the Caption Contest, now in its 68th iteration. Let's get down to business!

We loved a lot of entries, such as those submitted by Kim and Kate Fan (the tie-in to Addison leaving for her own Private Practice in particular). But in the end, we opted for the simplicity of Graham Lunn's caption, as it seemed to sum up the nature of Alex Karev... at least the old Alex Karev.

Congrats! The winning entry appears below, under the image. Scroll down the page for the complete list of entries we received for this caption.

Good luck and thanks to all of you for playing and for making the Insider the #1 Grey's Anatomy fan site on the Internet. Visit us all year for all the news, videos, pictures, quotes and This week's Caption Contest image:

Mer, Cristina, Alex

"Okay, let me try it out. If I tilt my head to the left, and look cute, does it make girls stare at me?"

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Alex: No offense Mer, but I must admit that Lexie is hotter than you. Cristina: WHAT? How can you say that to her?


Alex: " I think I slept with a man last nite..."


Meredith: Pick her! Choose her! Love her! I need to be single for awhile. Christina: Good god, no! Pick HER! Choose HER! Love HER! I'm the one that needs to be single! Alex: This is not the kind of fight over me that I expected.


Mer- so anyway, I heard my stepsister has this crush on McDreamy, My McDreamy! Cristina- McDreamy, I heard it was Alex!
( Alex walks up) Cristina- Uggghh Speak of the evil spawn! Mer- Oh no he is the devil himself. Alex- Don't you have some attendings to do? Ps. does anyone know when the first new episode starts? thanks!


Alex:you seriously have to smell me, i just got out of open heart surgery Meredith:look don't make me beat you up with my tiny ineffectual fists Christina:AGAIN


Alex: ...we had sex, and then she just left. Meredith: You slept with Addison too!? Christina: Wow, and I thought Meredith was a whore.


Christina: Operation be kind, rewind starts here and now! Mer: I can't. How am I suppose to erase Addison from me and Derek's history? You just can't easily forget that red hair of hers. Alex: Yeah and how the hell am I suppose to erase Ava's mind again?? She just got her memory back. Christina: Well see guys, thats why they call me Christina Yang. I gave Burke coffee this morning... and he took it! You guys are losers. Do I really have to win everything? Oh let me think.. YES I DO!


"Ok, let me try it out, if I tilt my head to the left and look cute, does it make girls stare at me?"


Christina: Give it up Alex.. Meredith is not going to sleep with you, just because you keep giving her those looks. (turns to look at Mer)
You won't right? Mer: hmmmmmm... Well... Christina: Oh you gotta be kidding me! Mer: He is kind of cute actually.. from a certain angle... Alex: I knew it. I knew I will score with you before the season starts. Christina: I need Burke. Oh Shit. I forgot. He is with Bionic woman now. What was I thinking?


Alex .....and then i got to drill a hole in his skull! now whos the rockstar?!?!
meredith: izzie still is, she had to drill several holes in a mans skull unassisted, with an ordinary drill, and she was still on probation.
Christina: [thinking] i would like to drill a hole in HIS head!

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