Katherine Heigl, Nancy Heigl to Launch New Production Company

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Katherine Heigl: Mogul
Katherine Heigl, who became a resident at the end of last season's Grey's Anatomy, will also be taking on a new role in real life.

The actress and her mother and manager, Nancy Heigl, will join the ranks of Will Smith, Madonna and Drew Barrymore by forming their own production shingle, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The first project at the newly formed company is an untitled action-comedy with Fox.

Katherine Heigl herself will star in the project, for which the plot is currently under wraps. A search for writers is underway.

Heigl has appeared in a number of forgettable films including Valentine, Bride of Chucky and The Ringer. Katherine hit the jackpot this year, though, with the Judd Apatow project Knocked Up opposite Seth Rogen.

An Emmy nominee this year for Grey's Anatomy, Heigl became a bona fide film star with Knocked Up, which has grossed more than $145 million.

She is also set to star in the Fox romantic comedy 27 Dresses, which is scheduled for release in January. In 27 Dresses, scheduled for release in January 2008, Heigl will be playing Jane, a young woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times - and wonders if she'll have to stand by in an ugly dress again while her sister marries the man that Jane secretly loves.

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No offense Tam, but that's probably the stupidest comment I have ever heard. You did read the whole article right? If you read it properly they said a movie was pitched to her. They CAME to her for that project. Just like they CAME to her to star in 27 Dresses. There are two examples right there that the movie industry wants her. Plus she always showed a desire to produce films since she was younger. This way she gets two birds with one stone. She can start her own production company, and the movie that was pitched TO her can be the first movie under it. Like another poster said she is one smart cookie. She is finding stability that isn't on Grey's. She is branching out, and it doesn't mean she will leave Grey's. That's up to her if she wants to buy out of her contract, so right there is all pure speculation. I see it as a very smart business move that proved very valuable to many celebs that do it. Thus far this year all of her business deals have been very smart, and will in fact be profitable. I love that she's not pigeon-holing herself in just this tv show. She is looking at the big picture, and the big picture is just because you are in a hit tv show it doesn't last forever. You have to be able to branch out, and put yourself out there to make sure you can continue on with your career. It's very smart thing to do.


Sounds like one smart cookie, looking toward future professional stability at a time when fan confidence in Grey's has fallen off somewhat after a less-than-satisfying season 3. Opinions of the character Izzie aside, there is no denying that this woman is a talented actress. As for leaving the show, I am under the impression that most of the main cast signed multi-year (six?) year contracts. If so, they can get dumped, but quitting isn't so easy. Of course, you could always pull a remarkably stupid stunt, like a former cast member, and get fired.


Aha and Tam, So are you saying the same for Drew Barrymore and for Will Smith? I think it's more likely that she's planning for her future when Grey's is over - such as when she gets married and may decide to take time off from films and/or tv to have children and raise them well. Why are people always so negative when famous people do well for themselves??? She has had a fabulous year and is a talented actress honing her craft in all parts of the business. Regards, A Katie fan


@ Tam: lol, that's exactly what I thought, when I read the article!


Wow no movies want her anymore so she has to produce them herself so she can star in them, lol. Jokes! I think she'll be leaving Greys soon if she's going on this path...oh well hated izzie anyway!


i dont understand... shes making her own TV show?


Wow, things are really turning out well for kathy these days. Goodluck with the production company.


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