Private Practice Spoiler: Romance For Addison

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With less than a month to go until the series premiere, fans are starting to get more excited about Private Practice. Which is good to see.
There's more and more buzz about the Kate Walsh-driven Grey's Anatomy spin-off as well. Kristin Veitch of E! Online has some good dirt on a possible romance for Addison in her latest column.

We'll break up the story so you don't have to read it if you don't want to. Follow the jump for her Private Practice spoiler ...

Kristin writes: "In the fourth episode of the new Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice, Tim Daly's character, Dr. Pete Finch, shows up Addison (Kate Walsh) when he magically cures a patient of hers who was unable to have sex due to a medical condition. Chances are, Dr. Feelgood has a cure for what ails Addy's sex life as well. Look for a chemistry spike between those two characters right about then..."

Addison and Pete

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what the hell is ur guys problems! Man Addison is not going to get back with Mcsteamy.
Its called she is on a new show, going through another chapter of her life and trying to find new love.
So use should all get over urselves because Mcsteamy and Addison will not get back together! SO carla AND kate fan!! get a life

Avatar this is an amazing sneak peek :)


oops sorry! carla you're right dr. feelgood is sam (taye diggs)...who i meant was pete having chemistry with addie...thank you for the correction!


I do not want Addison going with either. I think in the end McSteamy should find out about what really went down with her and Alex and should come to LA to fight for her.
I know Shonda says it's over, but as a woman in her 40s, it need not be.
McSteamy and Addie need a proper chance.


Addison and Pete definitely have the chemistry thing going on, but I agree with wanting her back with McSteamy in the end. I have a question though, according to the "pilot", Dr. Feelgood is not Pete, but Sam (Taye Diggs). Are we changing nicknames or Addison is going back to the inapropiate sex thing she had going on Grey's? If those are my options, I'm going with Pete!


although addie and dr. feelgood seem to have a little chemistry i still want addie to end up with mcsteamy...i love them both to end up together. with mcsteamy crossing over to win addison back against all odds...LA also seems to be a good place for mcsteamy to do his practice!

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