Friday Night Lights Wins Best Casting Emmy

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It may have been blanked from the major categories, but Friday Night Lights picked up an Emmy for best casting when the creative arts Emmy awards were bestowed Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Austin's Beth Sepko was honored for location casting, reports today's Austin American-Statesman, with Linda Lowy and John Brace both taking home Emmys for the show's primary casting.

This is nice, but ow a series can win best casting while no members of its cast receive individual Emmy nominations is beyond us. It makes zero sense.

The Leaders

Friday Night Lights' cast was universally snubbed.

Nevertheless, the Central Texas-filmed series, as it enters its sophomore season, should have received Emmy consideration for best drama series and several acting nods, but it got only two nominations, for casting and directing.

The Primetime Emmys will be handed out Sunday, September 16, with Friday Night Lights nominated for best directing in a drama series. Peter Berg, who adapted FNL for TV, and helmed the pilot, is up for the award.

For the best casting in a drama series award, Friday Night Lights beat Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and The Tudors. Not bad for a show that earned high praise but low ratings its first season.

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Friday Night Lights Quotes

Coach Taylor: Hey you got my back don't you?
Levi: I always do Taylor.

Tyra Collette: Just wish I could build a time machine and go back and shoot who ever it is that invented Algebra, that’s for sure.
Landry Clarke: Well, see, that’s kind of a Catch-22, though, because in order to invent that time machine you may need to use Algebra.

Friday Night Lights Music

  Song Artist
Muzzle of bees Muzzle of Bees Wilco iTunes
Song Evergreen The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Song Bang a Gong (Get it On) T. Rex