Masi Oka: Kristen Bell is a Good Kisser

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Masi and Kristen
During an interview on Friday with Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host jokingly (we assume) grilled Heroes star Masi Oka about his Emmy date – and new costar – Kristen Bell.

"Is there a little something going on?" Ellen asked about their relationship, as reported by People magazine.

A shy Oka responded: "Kristin is an absolutely amazing individual both on and off screen. We're great friends. Everyone has a crush on her."

Oh, really, Masi? No wonder DeGeneres pressed on, ribbing the actor and inquiring: "So you do have a crush on her?"

"Everyone does," Oka replied, laughing when DeGeneres would not drop it. "Is she a good kisser or not?" she asked.

As audience members cracked up, Oka simply said: "I'm sure she is."

Hmmm... maybe we should add these two to the Heroes gossip mill, along with Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia.

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i meant Lyle Bennent as in Clarie's little bro


i might by totally baised cause i've been a fan of Kristen Bell's since Veronica Mars premired back in 2004. But it would be awsome if hiro and elle have a releationship on the show or off i dont care but on would b cool 2 c. Since peter isnt availble and sinc she killed his girfriend's brother she really doesn't have a chance there. when i heard that she was comin on the show i knew she would b claire's half-sister on clarie's biological mom's, Merdith Gordon side. I aslo belive lye has a power since he is also adapted


OMG! i luv elle a major thrilling character!


kristen bell has a long time boyfriend named Kevin Mann who is
a producer. they have been dating for over 5 years.


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