A Negative Review of Carnival Ride

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The Dallas Morning News was rather harsh in its review of Carnival Ride, the latest album from Carrie Underwood. It read:

While Carnival Ride fiddles with a handful of traditional country instruments such as banjo, mandolin and steel guitar, her roots remain in radio-ready pop. Tellingly, the CD's best cut, "Last Name," is a rocked-up little corker about too much booze and a surprise Vegas wedding.

It's a catchy guilty pleasure.

Carnival Ride

Ultimately, Carrie Underwood's artistic abilities amount to a bunch of air. Give her a batch of palatable pop nuggets, such as the breezy final track "Wheel of the World," and then let her blow. She'll blend perfectly with the proceedings. She'll even harmonize for you. Her voice will be purely pleasant white noise.

Just like any other background vocalist.

Wow. Not very kind. What do you think of the CD?

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I love the CD! Carrie can sing anything and it'll sound fabulous!!


Well usually if it is critizied by the media, I will like it. So I look forward to buying the CD. Thanks for sharing article. Wasn't necessarily going to buy before, but now I will