Gossip Girl Takes on The OC!

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It's impossible not to compare Gossip Girl with The OC.

Both shows were created by Josh Schwartz and both shows focus on the lives of well-off high school kids. With that in mind, here's a comparison of various Gossip Girl character and characters from The OC...

Marissa vs. Serena: Serena (Blake Lively, right) seems to have it all, but in addition to a party girl reputation, dark family secrets and a disregard for high society, Serena one-ups the sulky Coop with a history of BFF betrayal.

Serena vs. Marissa

Summer vs. Blair: Like Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson, left), Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) is the queen bee with the designer clothes and riches to her name. But she lacks Summer's loyal following: Blair's hot boyfriend Nate has already cheated on her, while the return of ex-best friend Serena is putting her crown in jeopardy.

Summer vs. Blair
Ryan vs. Nate: The crown prince of the Upper East Side, Nate (Chance Crawford) is the guy who could have it all... but doesn't know what he wants. He may be the polar opposite of The O.C.'s poor Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie), except for one thing: women. Like Ryan, Nate is no stranger to an impossible love triangle as he stands between frenemies Blair and Serena.

Ryan vs. Nate

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I Think that The OC Aces All the way. The only Two People i like In GG Are Nate & Blair. Also i Agre With "Bored" There Totally Different Shows.


they're similar, but the major differences lie in the characters who represent the forces
of reason or good in that society. dan humphrey compared to ryan?
not the same. nate is arsehole. look at his history with blair. if you should
be comparing with anyone, it should be luke. summer and blair are complete opposites. blair is a very
complicated character. serena and marissa are pretty much the same. and that's
quite annoying. i like blair better than serena. and this show's parental subplot is EXTREMEMLY GENERIC almost
to the point of being a sedative. i MUCH preferred the parents
in the OC.


omg, i so totally lov the o.c and gossip girl.
it suks erics gay, i thought he and jinny would hav been
great together. and the o.c i cant believe marissa died,
i cryed and its not easy to make me cry. but these shows are
to much alike. it makes me think serenas gonna die.


why would you make a show sum what about the same people.
I mean theres like 4 characters that look alike. I think i took
an imidieat liking to Gossip GIrls because i was already soo into the OC <3333 RIP <#


can we get a show with black people on it? seriously. every freaking teen drama has a bunch of spoiled white kids running around. they act like black teens are too busy shooting each other to go through the same thing. i'll rejoice when there's a teen soap opera where we see realities. white AND black. that would be fucking raw.


i know


wow ryan WOOT WOOT


Numero Uno...Marissa needed to die, this girl was so messed up
she shoulda been axed when trey messed her up. secondly, Jess?
Wow...your the kind of girl that ends up 95 lbs,
hairsprayed blonde hair that looks like its been candied its
so covered. like what? "people dont want to seesomeone living in a shak whos biggest experiece in love is with a towel and whos biggest problem is finding something to eat"
sure, it may be true sometimes, but its also plastic - to the
empth degree. i agree with sophie, as much as its fun to watch
what good is it going to do? none. its not real. I'd rather see
the whole of our nation as a part of our reality, not just the
super skinny, perfectly clothed, trust-fundey crap we get every
year. its time for america's teen drama's/soap opera's to grow
up. to show a little more.




well i suppose if T.V shows talked about and where about the poorer side of life...they wouldt make half the money they do now ppl want to see rich ppl i dilemas...and love triangles its been happenin since the bold and the beautiful and the days of our lives people dont want to seesomeone living in a shak whos biggest experiece in love is with a towel and whos biggest problem is finding something to eat as mean as it may sound its just fate x0x0 jess


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