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Masi Oka isn't the only Heroes star to pose for a series of humorous, provocative pictures.

In the most recent issue of Best Life Magazine, Milo Ventimiglia talks about his upcoming movie and fashion sense... before striking a few sexy poses.

First, the actor talks about Pathology, a hospital thriller in which he plays an intern caught up in a game of "sex, drugs, and murder."

To prepare for the role, Ventimiglia hung out with morticians and murder victims at the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. And you thought life on Heroes was dark and gloomy.

"It was a life-changing experience," Milo said of his time spent with the deceased. "I'll probably be doing the speed limit from now on."

In other news, the actor also commented on his wardrobe choices. Safety plays a role in that department, too, it sounds like.

"I know what I like, and I only invest in items I'll still be able to wear in five or 10 years."

Best Life Magazine
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