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Seth Green to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Enough about Lauren Stamile. In less controversial guest star news, Seth Green has been tapped for a two-episode arc on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Green, who has said that Grey's Anatomy one of his favorite shows, will play a patient on the hit medical drama. No word yet on the nature of his visit or when in Season Four it will take place.

"If you are going to get sick, Seattle Grace Hospital is the place to do it," Green said. "Maybe they'll call me McSicky?"

Seth Green

Green, who has starred in films such as Can't Hardly Wait and the Austin Powers trilogy, and who was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a number of years, recently wrapped the Disney/Tapestry Films feature Old Dogs.

Seth also executive produces, directs, writes and does the voices for Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, and is responsible for many absurd Family Guy quotes as the voice of Chris Griffin. Looking forward to seeing him on Grey's.

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A great resource - many thanks!


Love Seth Green He'll be fine at SGH, as long as Dizzy Izzie is not his doctor.


Ha awesome. Seth Green on Grey's Anatomy? That should be pretty interesting . Can't wait to see him on there.


OMG! Seth Green played Patrick Dempsey's little brother in "Can't Buy Me Love" I can't stop laughing at this,lol.


Horray! I love Seth Green! He will bring some quirky humour to GA.

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