Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery: Married in New York City

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It looks like Ellen Pompeo had a lot more to celebrate last weekend than her 38th birthday! And we wondered what they were doing in New York.

The star of Grey's Anatomy and her longtime boyfriend/fiance, music producer Chris Ivery, quietly got married on Friday at New York's City Hall, where none other than Mayor Michael Bloomberg served as their witness.

Appropriately, Pompeo and Ivery got engaged almost exactly a year ago while celebrating the actress' 37th birthday. Ellen Pompeo, an Everett, Mass., native, repeatedly professed that she and Chris Ivery would prefer a quiet wedding.

And how low-key it was.

A city clerk performed the minutes-long ceremony with only Michael Bloomberg - like Pompeo and Ivery, a Boston-area native (he grew up in Medford, Mass.) - and First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris accompanying the couple.

Ellen Pompeo, Chris Ivery Married

Congratulations to Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery from all of us!

"They are over the moon," Ellen Pompeo's spokeswoman, Jennifer Allen, told the Boston Globe yesterday. The discreet newlyweds were spotted courtside at the New York Knicks game Sunday night at Madison Square Garden.

Ellen Pompeo was back in Hollywood yesterday filming Grey's Anatomy, which is expected to shut down production soon because of the writers' strike.

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hey my name is katie and i watch greys Anatomy every thursday night at 9:00 i love the show it is my favorite show ever i am very happy for you ellen that you got marrid and i hope you are happy and one last thing to say but every body says this but i mean it i am your #1 fan i love you rock on.


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I was one Chris Ivery's best friends in Jr High school and high school and wish the he and Ellen enjoy the intimacies of marriage forever.


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