Jordin Sparks Album Sales: A Disappointment

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It's early - and the figures are unofficial - but it appears as though initial sales of the debut Jordin Sparks album are a disappointment.

The CD is on pace to finish in ninth place on the charts with only around 100,000 copies sold. If valid, this is a devastating - and surprising - blow to Sparks burgeoning career. Last year, Taylor Hicks' debut sold almost 300,000 copies in its first week.

Jordin Sparks Picture

For now, it looks like Sparks couldn't even pull ahead of former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood's Carnival Ride, which has been on the charts for over a month.

Then again, it's early. And we refuse to give up on such a talented singer as Jordin.

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It's expected - she was absolutely amazing on American Idol, and all she's letting out is normal, disappointing music that in NO WAY shows the talent she showed off on American Idol.


Her cd will end up surprising you all on the charts.... as for the initial low sales... well all the blogs that leaked the whole thing for download before it was released i'm sure havnt helped goooooooo jordin awesom music :)


This isn't a big surprise. While Jordin can definitely sing and has a great voice, she's in no way original and "nothing special". Just goes to show that America got it wrong by not voting for Blake.