Kate Walsh Pregnant ... with Private Practice

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This just in: Kate Walsh is totally pregnant (with a TV show)!

When Extra asked the recently married 40-year-old actress the inevitable "when are you having a baby" question, Kate Walsh replied:

"Right now, my baby is Private Practice... she is beautiful, strong, and growing every week."

We couldn't agree more.

Extra then asked Kate Walsh, 40, if she was indeed pregnant, to which she joked: "I'm pregnant with triplets now and I feel really good!"

Kate and Alex Kiss

After a short courtship earlier this year, Kate Walsh and Alex Young, 35, a 20th Century Fox production executive, married in September in Ojai, Calif.

Walsh sat down with Extra this week on the set of Private Practice and, for the record, denied being pregnant in the literal sense, explaining:

"No... Both of us are pretty much working constantly and seeing each other whenever we can... that's him, the pretty blond guy over there!"

Private Practice returns with an all-new episode tonight at 9.

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She is just so beautiful, and look at her with her Hubby. A wonderful actress deserves to have someone good in her life.
Kate Walsh forever.
Anyone who could make people laugh is cool for me.
Love Private Practice, absolutely want it to continue for a very long time.


she is so funny


I love, love, love Kate. Borderline obsessed with her. (Don't judge me.) =) anddd...if her husband mysteriously disappears, you know who to blame. brilliant!


What is it with the media's obsession with celebrity babies. Maybe Kate doesn't want children. Maybe she's content with being happily married and having a successful television show of her own.


she's the most amazing women I know!
"I'm pregnant with triplets now and I feel really good!"
^^and very hilarious


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