Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: Leighton Meester

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The sassy Blair Waldorf is known as much for her trendy, Upper East Side chic fashion sense as she is for her romantic entanglements.

But how does Blair's style compare to that of the cute actress who plays her, Leighton Meester? Last week, we profiled Taylor Momsen and her character, Jenny Humphrey. Now let's take a look at Miss Waldorf and Leighton Meester in another Gossip Girl fashion comparison ...

Chic Blair
We Love Leighton

Leighton Meester and Blair Waldorf dress a little differently.

Not unlike the penthouse she resides in, Blair Waldorf enjoys the finest things in life, like a chic plaid pea coat, brown tights and a prim bow necklace.

Meanwhile, more downtown diva than uptown princess, Leighton Meester isn't afraid to shimmer in a slinky black and silver dress on the town.

Which look do you like better?

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i love leighton and blakes fashion sense.each are unique and trust me i'm copying some to add to my own.


I prefer Blair's style, but I also really like Leightons style. I love the clothes Blair wears that are supposed to be created by her mum. I also love their her school uniform!!


i also like blairs style better.. i love all that clothes that she wears and i would love to wear those clothes.. i also like leighton's style but i think blairs is much neater and you can tell that her mom is a designer..


I pesonally like Blair's style better. but that's just my opinion. It's more modern and classy


I like her on-screen look better. Personally, I like things to be neat and Blair's look is all about that. That's not to say that I'm not pleasantly surprised when she wears something looser outside of school. I pretty much love all of her clothes and would love to raid the on-set closet.


I find Leighton's style similar to how Blake Lively's character, Serena, dresses up - full of embellishments to make a statement

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